Hemp Equipment Financing

Trying to find the best equipment for your hemp farming, processing, or extraction business? Trust Capital offers some of the best financing options available for all types of hemp equipment.

While banks have yet to start lending money for hemp farmers and extractors, we can provide the financing you need based on what your business to grow and increase production. We have everything needed for your hemp business, whether you’re a startup or a more established business looking to expand. Our financing covers a variety of hemp equipment, including harvesting and processing equipment.

Here we’ll cover the various aspects of hemp farming, processing, and extraction equipment leasing that you’ll want to consider.

1 Needs for the Hemp Extraction Process

Needs for the Hemp Extraction Process


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound that is used in many different medical applications, including anxiety and pain relief, along with many other mental and physical health issues. One of the benefits of CBD is that it contains no THC, which means it doesn’t have the same side effects of other cannabis substances.


Extracting CBD Oil from Hemp or Cannabis

There are several processes used to extract oil from hemp and marijuana plants to create CBD oil, for which you will need certain types of reliable extraction equipment.

The Winterization Process

The process of winterization entails the removal of undesirable materials extracted from the plant, including waxes, lipids, and fats. However, this process is only required if the oil was extracted at high temperature/high pressure and the resulting inclusion of unwanted elements in the product. Essentially, prior to the winterization process, the extracted oil is crude oil in need of refining.

Following the extraction process, the mixture combines with 200-proof alcohol and is stirred until mixed and is deep-frozen overnight. The next day, the mixture will appear cloudy, which means it’s ready to undergo filtration.

Using a filter paper and Buchner Funnel, the cannabis’s fat is then filtered out into an extraction jar. Once all unwanted elements are removed from the oil, the removal of alcohol comes next. Alcohol removal is achieved through the use of heat, as the extracted substance is warmed, and the alcohol evaporates. The separated alcohol is then ready for use in the filtration of the next batch of oil.

Short Path Distillation

To further isolate the CBD, short path distillation follows the winterization process. This process is similar to winterization in that it uses heat to extract the oil and separates each compound based on their varying boiling points.


Using CO2, Oil, or Ethanol for Extraction and Production

There are three different substances that you can use to extract and produce CBD, including CO2, oil, and ethanol. Each of these substances is commonly used in many different facilities, but the safety of handling will depend on the type of equipment used to handle these materials.

Getting the appropriate top-quality equipment is necessary to ensure that the extraction and production process go smoothly, with minimal hazards and maximum efficiency.

2 Why You Should Get Hemp Extraction Equipment Financing

Why You Should Get Hemp Extraction Equipment Financing


With the appropriate option for hemp equipment financing, you’ll get several benefits, such as:

  • Pay consistent fixed rates and payments
  • Save funds for other aspects of your business
  • Cover certain soft costs including shipping
  • Get fast approvals so you can buy your equipment quickly
  • Tax write offs when leasing your equipment
  • Purchases never show up on personal credit
  • Many other benefits

With these and other unique benefits that come with equipment financing for cannabis, including hemp farming, processing, and extraction, you’ll be able to spend more on other areas of your business while staying comfortable in knowing that your cannabis equipment funding is in the hands of experts who will work to help your business expand.

3 What to Know About Hemp Equipment Leasing

What to Know About Hemp Equipment Leasing


If you’re considering starting a hemp business, you’ll likely find it to be a worthwhile business today in the U.S. While a hemp business can be lucrative, there are certain challenges you’ll face along the way.

When installing and maintaining hemp extraction equipment, there are many aspects to consider. Hemp equipment can often be expensive, but with the help of financing you can save money and use capital on other aspects of your business.

Types of Hemp Farming & Processing Equipment Needed in Addition to Extraction Equipment

There are many different types of hemp equipment you’ll need for your hemp business, which can include farming and attachments for tractors such as:

  • Raised bed shapers
  • Transplanters
  • Plastic mulch layers with drip applicators
  • Bed mowers
  • Plastic mulch retrievers

Each of these types of hemp equipment will help you develop your business and make sure that it’s as efficient as possible with consistent operations.

4 Tips for Investing in Hemp Equipment

Tips for Investing in Hemp Equipment


To get the most dependable funding for your marijuana equipment, including equipment for hemp products, there are some steps to take beforehand. Here is some helpful advice to help you make the best decisions when investing in your hemp business.

Locate the Right Vendors for Hemp Equipment

Running a hemp business is an enticing prospect for a growing number of business owners, as more states continue to make cannabis legal for both medical and recreational purposes. As a result of the rise in popularity of this industry and hemp products, you’ll want to find the right vendors to help you get the most out of your business.

The best vendors will offer flexible financing options and discounts, and may also allow you to visit the facility and see marijuana equipment in person prior to any investment. You can also compare vendors to determine which ones are ideal for your business.

5 Types of Leasing, Rates and How to Apply for Hemp Equipment Financing

Types of Leasing, Rates and How to Apply for Hemp Equipment Financing


If you’re trying to find hemp equipment financing for your business to help make sure you get the best equipment available, there are several financing options we offer based on your specific needs. Here are some details about the different options, rates, and how to qualify for cannabis equipment financing.


Types of Hemp Equipment Leasing

There are several types of hemp equipment financing options you can get through Trust Capital. Through a simplified application process, we offer terms up to 60 months, in addition to $1 buyouts, equipment finance agreements, and FMV operating leases, all available at some of the best rates on the market.


Hemp Equipment Leasing Rates

We can structure all hemp farming, processing, and extraction equipment leasing agreements to bypass the 280e tax code, which allows you to write off all of your payments to avoid counting equipment as taxable income. Depending on certain factors, you can pay anywhere from 9-30$ on terms ranging between 12 to 60 months.

All you need to qualify for hemp equipment leasing are:

  • Licensing as a business owner regulated by the state
  • Minimum credit score of 650 or higher
  • Personal guarantee from all business owners
  • No history of bankruptcy within the last 7 years
  • No unresolved tax liens

6 Why Trust Capital is Where You Should Turn for Hemp Equipment Leasing

Why Trust Capital is Where You Should Turn for Hemp Equipment Leasing


When you turn to Trust Capital, we understand that your time and money are valuable, and seeking hemp equipment leasing can be a difficult and tedious process, but when you work with us you’ll get some of the best benefits, including:

  • 100% purchase financing
  • Up to $50,000 with a simple one-page application
  • Up to $10,000,000 with financial disclosure
  • Next-day funding with pre-funding available
  • Flexible payment options and terms
  • No down payment requirements - qualified borrowers
  • Lowest Rates in the industry for qualified borrowers
  • Eligibility for all new and used equipment purchases
  • No debt on owners personal credit reports
  • No prepayment penalties

With all of these benefits, you’ll find the dependable hemp equipment financing from Trust Capital to be worth it if you want to reallocate capital to other aspects of your business.