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Adding a Cement Mixer (Concrete) Truck to Your Business

Posted On: January 24, 2023 author Paul Kendall

I’m not exaggerating when I say cement helps hold a construction business together. That’s why cement mixer trucks are so important to such businesses.

A construction business could literally crumble down without a cement mixer truck in their arsenal. However, financing a cement mixer truck can be expensive. Fortunately, you can apply for commercial truck financing to get one for your business. 

But as with any loan or lease, you need to review the equipment financing plan you’re hoping to get before you sign anything.  This is where a commercial truck loan calculator becomes useful. A commercial truck loan calculator can easily help you compute your future payments for equipment financing to get a cement mixer truck. It can tell you your commercial truck financing interest rate. 

Fortunately, most equipment financing companies have a commercial truck loan calculator. This makes it easier for you to get a sense of your financial future with a truck loan. Today, we’ll go over why and how to get a cement mixer truck for your construction business and grow your business. I’ll also show you how to use a commercial truck loan calculator to find better deals for financing this acquisition.

Boosting Your Construction with a Cement Mixer Truck


If you own a construction business, it’s a good idea to invest in important commercial vehicles like a cement mixer truck. Without one, your business may fall apart, literally and figuratively. Some construction business owners focus more on other trucks, like lifts. They usually use a commercial truck loan calculator in order to find out how they can finance these trucks. 

However, you should also use a commercial truck loan calculator to help finance a cement  truck. It’s a worthwhile investment for most businesses in your industry. Just to be sure we’re on the same page, let’s quickly go over the reasons it’s a smart investment.

Why Should You Get a Cement Mixer Truck?

For some construction business owners, they might prefer to stick with a stationary cement mixer. These stationary cement mixers are often preferred because they are larger than cement mixer trucks. They can also hold higher volumes of cement.

This is understandable, of course, because most construction projects require large amounts of cement. That said, not all projects will use enough cement to require a stationary mixer.  If you don't need large amounts of concrete for every work site, you should consider getting a cement mixer truck. They’re smaller and can help you avoid wasting resources.

This also helps you avoid having too much mixed product for a small task. Materials for concrete can also be stored separately so you can create a fresh mix for every task. Another obvious reason to choose a concrete mixer truck is its mobility. This is because you can easily bring one to remote locations that cannot have a stationary mixer installed on-site. You will even be able to move from site to site easily with a cement mixer truck. 

So if your business visits multiple work sites, maybe you should get on a commercial truck loan calculator to plan for cement mixer truck financing soon! 

Adding a Cement Mixer Truck to Your Business - cement mixer

Choosing the Right Concrete Mixer Truck

Now, as a business owner, you always think your purchases through first, right? Well, purchasing a concrete mixer truck for your business should be well-thought-out, too. Certain variables like specifications and work site should be considered, for example. 

This means you should have a checklist of what to look for before you choose a truck for your commercial truck loan calculator computation. Choosing the wrong concrete mixer can severely hinder your efficiency. This in turn can negatively affect your earnings. If you’re not sure what to consider when choosing a concrete truck, don’t worry. I’ve listed the most important factors below.

Size of Your Concrete Mixer Truck

In this case, size definitely matters. And yes, I’m talking about your future cement mixer truck.

You should carefully consider the tasks you need to complete using your concrete mixer truck. Doing so will give you an idea of how big your truck and its drum size should be. You can choose between mini mixers and industrial-sized mixers. Both of these can be used in any situation but the construction task will determine its overall efficiency.

Your commercial truck loan calculator can show you a difference in your expenses if you choose the appropriate size truck for your tasks.

Choosing a Power Supply

Next, you need to consider what power supply your cement mixer should have. You can choose between gas and electric concrete mixer trucks.

If you need help deciding, you can consider where you would normally use your concrete mixer. Remember—every worksite is different. In some cases, it might be more efficient to have an electric concrete mixer truck. This way, you won't have to constantly think about how you'll need to fill it up with gas.

However, you'll need to make sure that you can have an electric power supply nearby. If there isn’t an electric power supply available, your concrete mixer truck will be rendered useless. On the other hand, a gas concrete mixer truck can be more mobile regardless of electrical outlet availability. This is because it won’t need to be plugged into anything. On the other hand, gas concrete mixers often produce gas fumes. Keep that consideration in mind while you make computations with a commercial truck loan calculator.

Brand New or Used

Third, you can choose to either finance a brand-new or used concrete mixer truck. This will mainly be dictated by your budget. Most equipment finance companies want the truck to be no more than 15 years old, some equipment leasing companies will tell you no more than 10 years old, and some have no age restrictions but the rates could be higher. 

If your budget is tight, you can consider finding a second-hand concrete mixer truck. This allows you to still avail of a concrete mixer truck despite having little working capital for it. On the other hand, purchasing a brand-new truck provides assurance that it's still at its optimum condition. Brand new vehicles could also bring other benefits such as warranties. However, you should always look for a reliable seller for both options. If you buy a used cement mixer truck be sure to have a mechanic look it over before you buy from a private party. 

Consider Your Money's Worth

Lastly, you need to take the working value of the truck into account. The goal is to make sure that your investment will eventually pay off. 

Every business owner should aim to have a great cement mixer that can eventually pay itself off and contribute to overall earnings. Concrete mixer trucks are often heavy duty equipment. Therefore, a model that will withstand heavier tasks will give you more bang for your buck.

You should also consider how often you'll use it. For example, a lighter concrete mixer might be optimal if you need to use it and change locations often.

Financing with a Commercial Truck Loan Calculator

Now, choosing a concrete mixer truck is the first step. Sometimes, it’s even pretty easy if you follow a checklist.

Next, you need to figure out how you can purchase it. Luckily, you can choose to get a truck loan to make the purchase easier on your budget. You can even use an online commercial truck loan calculator to help you figure out what your monthly payments mike look like and get a cement mixer truck financing quote for free. 

Adding a Cement Mixer Truck to Your Business - cement mixer truck-1

Using a Commercial Truck Loan Calculator

Some business owners might not have used a commercial truck loan calculator before. In fact, I’ve met a lot of them who don’t even know where to find a commercial truck loan calculator!

Luckily, equipment finance companies like Trust Capital usually have a commercial truck loan calculator that you can use. Plus, most commercial truck loan calculator applications are free to use any time! If you don’t know how to start using an online commercial truck loan calculator, don’t worry. You only need to supply certain data (mostly numeric) about the equipment you wish to finance.

For example, you should indicate the amount of equipment that you wish to finance. Next, you should enter your credit application score in the commercial truck loan calculator. You must include your actual credit score regardless of an equipment finance company’s requirements. Enter in the desired term,

You also shouldn’t be afraid to indicate a low credit score because some equipment financing company don’t consider that a deal-breaker. Trust Capital, for instance, still has options to offer those with poor credit scores. Lastly, you should indicate how many years you’ve been in business. Most equipment finance companies take this into consideration as well, to assess your business.

With all of that information, the commercial truck loan calculator can show you financing setups that you can qualify for. The commercial truck loan calculator will also be able to provide you with estimates of your payments.

Why Should You Get Financing Aid?

With all of that information, you could still be wondering why you should even get financing options aid. Maybe you’re even wondering why you should know how to use a commercial truck loan calculator in the first place. Understandably, most business owners see straight-up purchases as a better option than loans for a better cash flow. However, doing a straight-up purchase slashes your working budget and capital in one fell stroke.

Through a loan, you can save and budget your money better. This is why a commercial truck loan calculator can be a big help. A commercial truck loan calculator can help you see how your payment setup will work so you can be prepared. You won’t have to play a guessing game with your finance setups.

Other than that, a loan ensures that you can get your equipment faster. This allows you to start earning with the equipment immediately until it pays itself off.

Final Thoughts on Using a Commercial Truck Loan Calculator


This blog has presented you with reasons and a guide that aims to “cement” your decision to add a cement mixer truck to your business. After all, a cement mixer truck is vital to most construction businesses nowadays. You need to be careful in choosing your cement mixer, of course. Every variable of your work should be considered before you make a purchase as expensive as this one.

While you’re at it, you should also use a commercial truck loan calculator before a big purchase. A commercial truck loan calculator like the one Trust Capital has will always be user-friendly, so you won’t have a hard time with it. With a proper rundown of expenses through a commercial truck loan calculator and a great equipment finance company, you’ll be all set. 

Soon enough, you’ll have a cement mixer in your business without destroying your budget! But if you still need help with a financing program for a cement mixer truck or using a commercial truck loan calculator, you’re in luck. Just feel free to contact Trust Capital at (866) 458-4777.

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