Sale Leaseback Program

If your business currently owns equipment and you would like to sell it in exchange for working capital terms, Trust Capital USA offers one of the best leaseback programs you’ll find. We’ll provide you with working capital terms without any blanket liens placed on the equipment you sell to us.

Benefits of Our Leaseback Program

There are many benefits that you get when you work with Trust Capital through our sale leaseback program, with competitive leaseback options anywhere from $50,000 to $25,000,000. These benefits include: 

  • Terms of 24-60 months
  • Competitive rates
  • Efficient process
  • UCC filing on equipment - no blanket liens
  • Retained ownership of equipment for customers
  • Customers of all credit levels considered 

All of these benefits make our leaseback program worthwhile for any business, whether starting out or simply looking to gain more working capital in an efficient way. We work to maintain affordability and profitability for your business, making sure that you get the ROI you want from a leaseback.

Benefits of Our Leaseback Program

Equipment Sale Leasebacks for a Variety of Industries

To help give all of our clients what they need with the help of our leaseback program, we can provide leasebacks for many different industries. We serve industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Material handling
  • Food processing
  • Agriculture

Regardless of which industry your business is in, we can provide you with leasebacks that truly benefit your company. You’ll see what makes our programs one of the best in the industry when you work with Trust Capital.

Apply for Our Equipment Sale Leaseback Program Today

Apply for Our Equipment Sale Leaseback Program Today

If you want to see the many benefits of our sale leaseback program, simply request a quote today and we’ll help you find the most affordable rates available. We’ll provide you with an accurate and in-depth estimate that fully details every aspect of the leaseback, ensuring that you understand what the process will entail. Even if your credit score isn’t the best, we can still assist you in your search for sufficient funding. 

You can also learn more about our other programs that can help with funding your business, including the fastest SBA loan program in the industry and our Equipment Plus Cash program. Regardless of what your business requires in terms of working capital and equipment funding, we can give you what you need as one of the top equipment leasing and financing companies.

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At Trust Capital, we're offering vendor finance programs to qualified, approved vendors.
Our vendor finance program improves cash flow and liquidity while preserving capital, and provide your clients with predictable, low monthly payments and flexible pay structures.

A vendor finance program can benefit your organization in a variety of ways, and partnering with Trust Capital is both easy and profitable. Trust Capital takes the time to understand your needs and will create a Customized Financing Solution that will satisfy both your sales team and your clients. Our goal is to find a financing solution that will help drive sales, increase approvals and closing percentages, and streamline the entire funding process for you.ant you to succeed and our start up financing programs will give you the tools needed to do so.

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