Assurance Partner Program

Trust Capital continuously embraces technology in order to provide our equipment vendor partners and their customers with the easiest and most efficient financing process possible. Becoming an Assurance Partner you will get a comprehensive online sales management and marketing tool. was designed and developed exclusively for our equipment vendor partners and offers a number of integrated tools and features based on their needs. Being an Assurance Partner, you can manage every aspect of your financing transactions.

Powerful Sales Management Platform
Real-Time Transaction Information
Real-Time Alerts
Robust Reporting Features
Wide Range of Quote Tools
e-Signature Integration
Simple, Easy-To-Use Interface
Safe and Secure Account Access

Simple. Fast. Streamlined. makes every step of the equipment financing process easy for you and your customers. It has all of the features and tools you need to keep your vendor business running smoothly. Being apart of the Assurance Partner Program, you can calculate finance estimates instantly, submit finance applications in just minutes and finalize documents with e-signatures. Being apart of the Assurance Partner Program, will even provide you with instant transaction alerts when your funds have arrived. It’s total sales management for equipment vendors.

All Of The Reporting Features and Quote Tools You Want comes with comprehensive reporting features, you will always stay on top of your sales transactions and gain insight into your equipment vendor business’s growth. You can run a variety of sales-related reports in just seconds. The Assurance Partner portal is also equipped with a number of options that enable you to quickly and easily customize finance quotes based on the unique needs of your customers. This helps you expedite the sales process quickly and provide more efficient customer service.

Sales Reports
Maturity Reports
Application Reports
Funded Transaction Reports
MTD and YTD Reports
Year-to-Year Comparisons
Instant Lease Proposals for customers
Choose Lease Terms
Choose Purchase Option
Credit Rating Option
Co-Branded application portal
Private label capabilities

Integrating financing online with

Just as you’d promote your financing program in a physical location, your web presence is your online salesperson—it can showcase your promotional offers and help you sell more.

Did You Know? 80% of major equipment buyers start their research process online.

Combining how customers are looking for information with the goals of your website will help you promote and feature your financing information— online—to drive more informed customers to purchase from you.


    Boost your search engine optimization to help customers find you when searching online—include promotional financing key words and phrases on your home and product pages, and in image descriptions, page titles, etc.


    o ensure your customers don’t have to look too hard for your financing offers, place this information throughout your website—in your core navigation, on home and product pages and aligned with your overall marketing initiatives. Did you know? 56% of equipment buyers say they’re more likely to visit a website that provides payment options in the search results. Did you know? 8 out of 10 equipment buyers on average agreed that they would like to see credit information included in the majority of key pages on a equipment sellers website. Take your financing program online to drive more traffic and sales.


    By including an easy to find landing page within your site— highlighting available financing options you add exclusive value to your companies brand and keep your viewers’ interest on your site. 24/7 account information and management is just one click away on

  • Assurance Partner Program Digital Marketing Toolkit

    With the Assurance Partner Digital Marketing Toolkit, available at, you have instant and free access to digital banner advertisements, buttons, logos and web page templates to help you promote available financing options to online equipment buyers. Be sure to use these resources exclusively to ensure that you are using materials that are clear, legally compliant and up to date.


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