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Choosing a Leasing Provider

Choosing the proper finance company is an integral decision in the future success of your business.  Many people think that all finance companies are the same.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

While banks are regulated by the Federal Government, leasing/finance companies are not.  Consequently, over the years, many finance companies have learned ways to “cheat” their customers, and truth be told, it’s not that hard to pull the wool over someone when you are lending them money.

Business Values

At Trust Capital, we take a different approach.  Having integrated what we call an Ethical Approach to lending money in the industry, we treat our customers and banks with respect. 

We are passionate about our ethics and are guided by our internal mission, “Do the Right Thing”.  We don’t have to explain to our people what that means, it’s an encompassing philosophy in our day-to-day activities.  It’s true; it takes more time and costs more money to do things the right way, and while we aren’t the largest finance company or the wealthiest, we sleep well at night knowing that we did everything the right way, for both our banks and our customers.

It’s this long approach, not taking any shortcuts, that has spurred our tremendous growth.  At Trust Capital, our reputation is our most important asset, and with Trust Capital, be assured that you are choosing a finance company that puts your interests first.

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