Start Increasing Equipment Sales with Equipment Vendor Financing

At Trust Capital, we're offering vendor finance programs to qualified, approved vendors.

Our equipment vendor finance program improves cash flow and liquidity while preserving capital, and provide your clients with predictable, low monthly fixed payments and flexible pay structures.

Why Trust Capital? We make your customer’s buying decision easier.

With the convenience of our unique equipment financing.

Plus: we give you a competitive advantage:

Five Tier Credit Program!

If your customers aren't approved for the requested amount, we’ll let you know quickly. If we can't get the deal done no one can.


  • Application-only up-to $350,000
  • Customers may pay with a credit card allowing them to earn points
  • Section 179 potential tax savings
  • Prepay at any time
  • Credit decisions in 2 hours or less
  • Online equipment finance and lease docs
  • 100% Pre Funding
  • Soft cost financing
  • Online, Fax or email to fund (originals not required)
  • Marketing material to help you sell
  • Online financing proposal generators
  • High Approval Ratio 


Equipment Vendor Financing Promos :


  • 12 x $99 Promo: Customers pay only $99 for the first 12 months! This is a great way for customers to defer full payments – allowing equipment time to generate revenue.
  • Value Program: ZERO payments for 3 months combined with competitive structures up to 84 months.


Benefits of Our Equipment Vendor Finance Program

A vendor finance program can benefit your organization in a variety of ways, and partnering with Trust Capital is both easy and profitable. Trust Capital takes the time to understand your needs and will create a Customized Financing Solution that will satisfy both your sales team and your clients. Our goal is to find a financing solution that will help drive sales, increase approvals and closing percentages, and streamline the entire funding process for you. . We want you to succeed and our start up financing programs will give you the tools needed to do so.


Why Partner With Trust Capital

  • Boost productivity by removing the administration burden of managing your own equipment financing program, without hiring new employees. Trust Capital provides a streamlined application lifecycle and consistent communication.
  • Increase Communication with Trust Capital's Assurance web portal that provides up to the minute status updates, automated deal workflow needs updates, sales/marketing support, application processing, quotes, reports, credit underwriting, pricing and documentation.
  • Increase revenue's by gaining repeat sales that easy to add on to your customer's current financing program. A customized financing solutions with Trust Capital makes it simple to upgrade and finance additional equipment.
  • Increase efficiency with the full service approach and just one point of contact. The Trust Capital full service approach provides access to a wide selection of premiere funding sources and a full suite of financing products to meet your clients’ specific needs. Best of all, everyone in your organization can contact just one person to get the service they need.
  • Close the sale quicker by offering your customers easy payment solutions that will keep the sales process moving. Passing the lease to other finance companies or banks often causes unpredictable delays that could decline the credit or refer the deal to another vendor.
  • Since the cost of utilizing Trust Capital is related to the success of the program, there is very little risk to you, but many opportunities to build success and profits!

Get Started with Our Equipment Vendor Financing Program Today

All of these benefits make working with Trust Capital worthwhile through our equipment vendor finance program. You’ll see a difference when you turn to Trust Capital for financing solutions you won’t find with other providers. Simply fill out our form and get started with dependable equipment vendor financing today!



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