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Electronic Medical Records Software Financing

At Trust Capital will finance 100% of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) software costs and all hardware that may be included.

We can also finance medical software as a service "SAAS" also known as a web based service which stores applications, messaging and management software in a secure environment, and is now more affordable by means of medical software financing.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) include more than $19 billion in funds for healthcare IT. It is focused on implementation of electronic health / medical records, also known as EMR/EHR.

A broad range of EMR/EHR financing solutions.

Whether replacing outdated or failed EMR/EHR software, expanding or simply taking advantage of an opportunity to surpass competition, Trust Capital can create a solution that minimizes cost and maximizes return. Trust Capital makes financing electronic medical records software FAST....EASY....FLEXIBLE.

In addition to Standard electronic medical records financing we offer Flexible Payment Plans.

  • $99 for the first 6 months: Requires only $99 to start
  • 90 Day Deferral: Offers payments of only $0 for the first three months
  • Seasonally Varied: Matches payment plans to a business' uneven cash flow
  • "0% Interest" for 24 Months with a 20% buyout (restricted to specific equipment)
  • "Stepped Down" Leases: Payments mirror the declining value of the software
  • Customer Specific structures are also available
  • *Standard products offer Fair Market Value, 10% and $1 buyouts and terms from 12-84 months

EMR and EHR are not the same.

EMR is the electronic, person-specific record of health-related information that is created and managed and consulted within a single healthcare system or organization. It is the legal record of services provided.

Trust Capital will finance 100% of the EMR/EHR software cost and all hardware that may be included. Terms are up to 72 months and can defer up to the first 12 payments at $99. We also will prefund most EMR vendors so they can build the software specific to the practice.

There are 3 models that are currently being used, for which you can get medical software financing.

  1. The traditional server model where the hardware server is resident at the physician’s office. This is owned by the practice.
  2. A virtual server model where the server and backup are located at remote location and serviced by the EMR vendor. The server is typically owned by the medical practice.
  3. The cloud based system or SaaS where all the data is stored on a remote server owned by the EMR vendor. The computers are resident at the doctor’s office but they access all information via the web and pay a monthly service fee for all services.

We have been financing many EMR/HER installations and believe this to be the future of medical records.

For those doctors just opening their first practice, we will finance build-outs or leasehold improvements, supply working capital, and provide financing for all the equipment.

We also have our Working Capital Program to increase operational cash flow, pay taxes, improve marketing, debt consolidation, practice acquisition and serve your general capital needs. Terms ranging from 3 to 10 years.

We Finance the Cloud – Medical Software Financing

Never purchase physical hardware or software management systems again. Transform your internal sales operations into a smooth and affordable web-based power house! Software as a Service "SaaS," also known as a web-based service which stores applications, messaging and management software in a secure environment, and is now more affordable by means of Financing!


Significant costs associated with SaaS include:

  • User license for each employee
  • Additional applications (messaging, reporting, marketing, lead generation, etc)
  • Paying for all subscriptions and services for the duration of the year in full, up front

Preferred Vendors for EMR/EHR Software

We have utilized our years in business, experience with EMR vendors, and formal resources to weed out EMR vendors that are not well suited for our customers. To that end, we have found some very reputable, strong, and successful EMR vendors we are happy to share with you through our medical software financing solutions.

Why Customers Choose Trust Capital for their Medical Software Financing Needs

Trust Capital has become a leading provider of financing and leasing solutions thanks to competitive rates and some of the best benefits in the industry. We offer many options and terms not available through other lenders. Unlike banks or other traditional financing and leasing providers, we have custom options that can help us provide you with the right type of financing you need based on your business needs, credit history and more.

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