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Dump Truck Financing & Dump Truck Leasing.

Construction, building & dirt hauling have always been a vital component of our nation from coast to coast. No city has been built without the help of Dump Trucks and construction specialists. Companies that specialize in the construction of roads, buildings, and other projects will need specialized vehicles, like dump trucks, cranes, and more. Which is where truck leasing companies come in to lease a dump truck.

Dump truck financing makes it possible for new businesses to get started sooner and existing construction companies to make progress on their projects even faster. As the market goes through different economic stages and seasons, it’s not uncommon for construction companies to take a hit during a slow period in the market.

Dump Truck Deferred Payment Options.

These slow market periods can cause cash flow issues for various construction firms, regardless of how long they’ve been in business. Trust Capital offers seasonal payment options to dump truck companies and three to six months deferred payment plans. Whether you’re new to construction or have been in the industry for years, finding affordable dump truck leasing and dump truck financing can be tricky.

There are a couple of different routes a Dump Truck owner operator or construction vehicle fleet owner can go to buy a dump truck that will allow them to continue running their business.

If you are in need of dump truck financing for your business, we invite you to contact us toll-free at (866) 458-4777 or Fill out the quick form on the right and one of our specialists will contact you.

Getting Dump Truck Loans & Other Alternatives.

Getting a dump truck loan is usually the first thing most companies will think of when they need access to a dump truck. It’s a popular choice for most businesses. However, finding dump truck loans from traditional means (like a bank or similar financial institution) can be challenging at times. Not all banks are willing to accept the risk of a construction company, especially if they are much newer dump truck company, and give them the loans necessary to purchase a dump truck.

If you are in need of a dump truck loan for your business, we invite you to contact us toll-free at (866) 458-4777 or Fill out the quick form on the right and one of our Dump Truck Loan specialists will contact you.

When Does it Make Sense To Finance or Lease A Dump Truck?

There are a few different agreement options you can choose from when financing a Dump Truck. You can structure your dump truck loan as Equipment Finance Agreement, where you are the owner and just make payments back to the bank until paid off. You can structure your dump truck lease agreement it as a $1 buy out lease, where you are not the owner until all payments are made back to the bank and you own the dump truck at the end for a $1. You can structure it as a TRAC Lease. A terminal rental adjustment clause lease (TRAC Lease) combines all the advantages of dump truck leasing while retaining the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term at a predetermined residual agreed to when the lease starts. This is a great way to dump truck lease to own.

Dump truck finance agreements and $1 buy out leases give you ownership just as you would have when paying cash but gives you the cashflow benefit of not having to come out of pocket for the full cost of Dump Truck.

TRAC dump truck leases can enable you to share in any upside proceeds gained from the sale of Dump Truck at the end of the lease. Will give you lower monthly payments which will result in improved cash flow. Gives larger dump truck companies with fleets off-balance sheet financing. Full tax deductibility. The IRS code allows the dump truck company to maintain the “full deductibility” of a true/operating dump truck lease.

Dump Truck: Rent vs Lease.

One alternative that some companies either overlook or forget is the possibility of a dump truck rental to counter against the difficulty of getting dump truck loans. If a bank isn’t willing to give you the funds to buy a dump truck, you could look for dump trucks for rent from other local construction organizations that may not currently be operating their vehicles. Dump trucks for rent can also be a great option for businesses who want to get into the construction industry but don’t want to shell out large amounts of funding until they’ve developed better cash flow.

Getting a dump truck lease is a great way to gain access to a used dump truck or a new dump truck for your business without having to deal with officially “owning” it like you would by purchasing a new or used vehicle. Some businesses won’t always have access to a bank to get a loan for a dump truck, which is why leasing and financing are great alternatives for many businesses. This is especially important for businesses that are newer or don’t have very high credit scores yet.

There are pros and cons to lease a dump truck. Whether you’re looking for dump trucks for lease, want to get a loan, or just want to rent a vehicle, make sure to understand the needs of your business so that you know which option will benefit you the most.

Check out this webpage for examples of various dump trucks that are available for purchase. Start shopping around for models that meet the needs of your business.

If you are in need of dump truck financing for your business, we invite you to contact us toll-free at (866) 458-4777 or Fill out the quick form on the right and one of our specialists will contact you. As one of the leading dump truck leasing companies, we’re ready to provide you with the financing you need today.

We Approve Good Credit and Bad Credit Dump Truck Financing!

If you have low, bad or no credit score, financing groups like Trust Capital can help businesses gain access to the dump trucks they need through used dump truck leasing. Instead of paying for the vehicle ownership outright, companies can simply pay for the “use” of the dump truck instead.

Getting a dump truck for your business may feel daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With dump truck leasing, businesses of all sizes, ages and credit profiles can gain access to the construction tools and dump trucks they need to build and sustain a thriving business. Make sure to work with dump truck leasing companies that actually deliver you offerings that they advertise. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, have been in business for years or just starting out, there’s a way to lease dump truck for everyone. We've seen many unethical practices and Trust Capital strives to provide you with an unparalleled dump truck funding experience.

Dump Truck Financing. Simplified.

We know that your time is valuable. The loan search can be long and difficult, so Trust Capital uses a simplified application process to get you the financing that you need as fast as possible. Compared to traditional lenders, our advantages to you include:

  • 100% purchase financing.
  • Up to $150,000 with a simple one-page application.
  • Up to $10,000,000 with financial disclosure.
  • Next-day dump truck funding with pre-funding available.
  • Deferred payment options and terms up to seven years.
  • No down payment requirements.
  • Same day approvals.
  • Eligibility to buy all new and used Dump Truck purchases.
  • No pre-payment penalty.
  • Best dump truck financing rates in the industry

Preferred Dump Truck Lease Vendors

We have utilized our years in business, experience with Dump Truck vendors, and formal resources to weed out Dump Truck vendors that are not well suited for our customers. To that end, we have found some very reputable, strong, and successful Dump Truck vendors we are happy to share with you.

If you would like Trust Capital to provide you with a list of reputable Dump Truck vendors in your area, we ask that you please visit our Dump Truck Equipment Locator page and fill out the short form. We're a nation wide lender so no need to find a dump truck lease companies near me.

Start Up Dump Truck Financing

Having the most reliable and upgraded dump trucks for your start up dirt hauling business, acquired with affordable and fixed monthly payments, can have a lot of benefits for your start up dirt hauling business. Lease dump trucks that depreciate and save your working capital for things that appreciate like hiring the best people, new location rent, inventory, and supplies. Compared to traditional dump truck lenders, our advantages to you include:

  • 100% purchase dump truck financing
  • Up to $150,000 approval with a simple one-page application
  • Up to $3,000,000 with financial disclosure
  • Next-day funding with pre-funding for dump truck vendors available
  • 12 - 60 month fixed payment terms
  • No down payment requirements - qualified borrowers
  • Lowest Rates in the industry for qualified borrowers
  • Eligibility for all new and used dump truck purchases / no age restrictions
  • No debt on owners personal credit reports

Credit Requirements for start up dump trucking companies:

  • Driver license, Business license or active business entity with the secretary of state
  • Personal guarantees required from all owners
  • Minimum 600 credit score
  • No bankruptcies in the last 7 years
  • No unresolved tax liens
  • Previous experience is a bonus.


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