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Recent Funding Deals for Start Ups

In an effort to help businesses succeed without the hassles of financing, we have provided funding for start ups of all types. Companies in a wide variety of industries have benefited from our services. Regardless of the type of equipment they required, we’ve been able to provide sufficient equipment financing for breweries, dentists, car washing facilities, and many other businesses. We have also helped our clients obtain equipment needed for effective and efficient operation.

You can take a look at our previous equipment financing deals below, and learn about how Trust Capital has helped them in several ways. Browse our previous deals based on revenue size, transaction size, or industry. You can also contact us at any time to discuss your company’s needs with us, and get started with an equipment financing deal today. Whether you’re a new start up or a developing company looking for new equipment, we can provide you with everything you need.

Start Up
Car Wash


Kapiolani came to us for car wash equipment financing when no one else would finance their car wash equipment for them. We helped them finance a tunnel car wash system from MacNeil Car wash Systems & a car wash POS System from Washify,  lighting and a sign. The Car Parlor

New Brewery


Growlers Taphouse
Growlers Taphouse is a new local brewery in Marana, AZ and they came to us for brewery equipment financing. We also helped them obtain various pieces of kitchen equipment for the restaurant side of their brewery.  Growlers Taphouse




Infuzionz is an award-winning marijuana-infused products manufacturer. They came to us to finance Veritiv Die Sets, Pouch Vertical for sealing VC999 packaging system, a cannabis extractor from Extraction Tek Solutions, another cannabis extractor from Delta Seperations, and a short path distillation equipment from Root Science





Border X


Border X Brewing



Pasaverde Labs

Pasa Verde LLC was a Start Up CBD Oil manufacturer in Sonoma, CA. They financed $850,000 worth of MRX Extraction Equipment for 4 years. Pasa Verde had a contract to sell 80% of its production for a set price.

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Aaron Clark Ind. LLC



Mangata Crossfit Inc

Rafael Conti has had a family Jui Jitsu gym in Brazil for many years and opened up Mangata Crossfit & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Ladera Ranch, Ca. They purchased $25,000 worth of equipment from rogue fitness

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Water Box LLC

Water Box LLC was a start-up retail water company selling spring water in a recyclable and biodegradable box. They needed to finance an automatic filler, sealer from Nimco. The owners have over 30 years of experience in the beverage market. The acceptance of recyclable and biodegradable in the beverage market is the cutting edge in the marketplace which is ripe for replacing plastic.

Car Wash


Kapiolani Express Autospa LLC

Judy Kim-Sugita purchased a broke down car wash in a busy part of Honolulu, HI. Judy had been successfully self employed for many years running a private tutoring company and flipping businesses.

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Start Up


TOL Grizzly Bear, LLC

TOL Grizzly Bear LLC was a start-up cannabis extracting business. The business purchased a Vitasil extraction machine.



Royalty Elite Capital LLC

Tonisha Jones started up an interactive gym called GridFit. She purchased the gym equipment from Prama Push Play ( Tonisha was a Division I athelete at Belmont University from 2002-2006, and has been a personal trainer in the Nashville, TN area since 2009



Avon lea Hospitalist Group

Dr Dinn had been a very successful doctor and business owner for 9 years with a specialty in internal medicine. Dr Dinn opened up a med spa aimed to help men with hair loss and bought an Artas from Restoration robotics

Arta Shair

Car Wash


Horgan Enterprises, LLC

The customer's family had an existing company since 1983 operating a successful car wash and convenience store. The parents sold the existing location and gave the cash to their son to open a new location. Trust Capital financed a $390,663 Vehicle Wash System from Vehicle Wash Systems, Inc. 

Wash N Go

Oil Start Up


Western Slope Extraction, LLC

Western Slope Extraction LLC was a start up CBC Hemp Oil extractor in Colorado. Owner, Ty Odle was looking to finance a Spray Vape and accessories, for $98,116 in total, from CO Extractors ( 


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Rehab Center



Trust Capital helped RCSRP Corporation dba Desert Hills Post-Acute & Rehabilitation Center start a 75 bed skilled nursing facility. We financed all the furniture and kitchen equipment.



Plum Daisy LLC

Plum Daisy got into the jams and jJelly industry which they harvested and processed. They chose to purchase the Vitalis equipment to extract crude oil for their own harvest and for surrounding growers.




Miss Corporate America Organization, LLC came to Trust Capital to finance production equipment for their events.

Miss Corporate



Toto's, Inc.

Toto's Inc. DBA Toto's Mexican Restaurant came to Trust Capital to finance their second restaurant expansion and finance all of the new restaurant equipment for their second location.

Totos Mexican



Tristan Medical Enterprises PC

Ryan Welter had been in business for 15 years and has had a tremendous career. Dr Welter started tristan medical pc out of residency in 2003 which grew to 7 separate practices. Dr Welter was a perfect candidate for this technology that is the Royals Royce in there industry. Dr Welter has 2 Neo Graft units which is similar technology that needs an operator to do the procedure...

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Auto Repair


Turbo Joe Tuned

Turbo Joe started an auto repair and tuning company. Joe had been doing auto repair for 5+ years. Joe financed a dyno machine from Dynamometer manufacture called Land and Sea to dyno cars.

Turbo Joe

Med Spa


Between You and Me LLC

Between You and Me LLC is an aesthetic med spa and came to Trust Capital to finance a Clear + Brilliant device from Solta Medical



Yellowstone Sports Medicine, LLC

Yellowstone Sports Medicine, LLC came to us to finance new cuattro xray imaging equipment from Merge IBM

Yellow Stones



Big Island Coastal Contracting LLC

Big Island Coastal Contracting LLC came to Trust Capital to finance $35,000 in working capital

Big Island



Big Sky Environmental LLC

Big Sky Environmental LLC is a disposal services to private waste haulers, municipalities and industrial customersand was purchased by an investment banker who had secured a new contract with an added revenue of $300,000 per month. Big sky was renting a truck for $6,000/mo. and decided it would be cheaper to finance the truck with Trust Capital. The roll off truck is a key component in the business as it moves the containers within the property.

Big Sky Environment



Big Sky Environmental LLC



Vogel House & Building Movers, LLC

Zach Vogel had been in the industry for 8 years preparing houses to move to a new location, he was the youngest project manager in the company he worked for. Throughout the years he gained a reputation as a go getter and made those relationships strong by being the hardest worker on the site. 

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Westlund Concepts

Westlund Concepts had been outsourcing their crane needs for years and have been looking at bringing it in house to save money and control their time lines. After looking at there last month’s bill there cost to outsource far exceeds what it will cost them to do it in house. They came to Trust Capital to finance a crane from JS Crane Sales

Westlund Concepts

Auto Repair


Collision Specialists 2

Carstar Collision Specialties is an auto body repair shop and came to Trust Capital to finance all of their automotive repair equipment needs.



Chocolate Compass LLC

Harry Jenkins and his wife who had 16 years of experience started a speciality chocolate manufacturing company called Chocolate Compass LLC. Trust Capital provided manufacturing and packaging chocolate equipment

Chocolate Compass

Med Spa


Avalon Laser, Inc.

Avalon laser is a successful med spa that came to us to finance an aesthetic laser and a Clear + Brilliant device from Valeant Pharmaceutical International dba Solta Medical

Avalon Laser



734 Brewing Company

Patrick planned this company out for 2 years. He had leased a building and came to Trust Capital to purchase all the necessary brewing equipment to start brewing on a wholesale level. The equipment is being used for the crafting of his line of beers.

734 Brewing



Border X

Border X Brewing, LLC had been experiencing tremendous growth in there community. The company is a family run business that brews beer in San Diego, Ca and there niche is the Latino market of Southern California that no one else is targeting.

In order to keep up with the demand and grow there successful brewery they upgraded there production by adding a 10 tank system from Stout Tanks and Kettles, LLC. With a higher production out put that the 10 tank system provided they were able to increase revenues and expand there market potential.



Border X

Border X came back to Trust Capital to open a second bigger (7000 square feet) brewery/restaurant. An even better new location in the City of Bell, Ca. The operations and sales are the exact same as the first location where they brew beer, and have a bar/restaurant/event set up. The new location is 7000 square feet.



Mangata Fitness

Rafael has had a family gym in Brazil for many years and opened up Mangata Crossfit & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Ladera Ranch, Ca. They came to Trust Capital to purchase $25,000 worth of fitness equipment.



Fitzmaurice Hand Institute PLLC

Dr Fitzmaurice is a hand specialist in Phoenix and owns a succesful practice that provides state of the art hand and wrist treatments for fast recovery. They came to Trust Capital to upgrade all of their technology with Stryker equipment.

Fitzmaurice Hand



Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness LLC

Advanced Chiro & Wellness has been in business for 8 years and owns their building where all of this is going into. Their bank statements are very strong with a mid 6 figure level. They're is looking to buy a hyper baric chamber for $41,000, inner light therapy bed for $18,000, detox chamber for $40,000, Innergy table for $11,000. Total of $110,000

Advanced Chiropractor



Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness LLC



Aaron Clark Ind. LLC

Aaron Clark is the owner of a successful. He bought the company last October. It has been around for over 20 years. They bill 1/2 Million a month, they have 1000's of residential contracts, 15 HOA's and are the premier landscape contractor in the Phoenix area. been written up in magazines, etc.



Browology Studio LLC

Full-service skin care studio specializing in eyebrow design (including microblading) and premium skincare.

Browology Studio



Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company

Boyd Harrison had many years of experience in the hospitality and finance industry, and earned a master's degree in Tourism Administration with a thesis written on "The Value of Virginia Winery & Brewery Visitors." After many years of dreaming to start a brewery he finally acquired a location in Farifax, VA for Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company that was already set up to be a restaurant/brewery, Boyd came to Trust Capital to finance brewing equipment.

Crane Service


Vogel Crane Service

Mike Vogel had been a crane operator for 29 years, so he decided to go out and get his own customers and started Vogel Crane Service. He came to Trust Capital to finance a crane to begin his business.

Vogel Crane Service



Cosinin Corp

Cosinin Corp came to Trust Capital for working capital to help hire more employees

Start Up


Toland Enterprises, Inc.

Toland Enterprises, Inc. was a start up company that bought into the Closet by design franchise opportunity. Hugh Toland came to Trust Capital for financing the manufacturing equipment to build the closets.



Pure con, Inc.

Pure con, Inc.had been in the extraction business for over 5 years and came to Trust Capital to finance 2 more colorado extractors for their expanding business. With these 2 new extractors they were able to increase their revenues another $1.2MM per year.



Danver Global Inc

Danvar Global is a staffing agency that Came to Trust Capital to lease all of their IT equipment




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