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How to Boost Productivity with CNC Machine Financing

Posted On: May 18, 2018 author Paul Kendall

Are you looking for CNC machine financing? If you are a company who needs CNC machines, then there are good reasons to guess that you are either a company producing a product that directly sells to the customer or is in the business to create work pieces that help product-producing companies create the products they sell.

Are You a Product-Producing Company?

If you are a product-producing company, obtaining CNC machine financing will directly enhance your bottom line. Does that sound too good to be true? Let’s walk through the cash flow scenario.

Once you have your CNC equipment financing approval, you now have the purchasing power to buy any CNC machine you'd like from any manufacturer, dealer or auction without using your own money. This has primarily 2 benefits. Firstly, since you now have less money going towards purchasing a machine outright, you now have that much more money which can be used to buy other production and product materials. Secondly, since your machine tool financing takes care of one big purchase, you can channelize the funds now to purchase other manufacturing equipment that will help streamline the product manufacturing process.

CNC machine financing has another major advantage as well – increase in production efficiency. Being a product-producing company, machines are running around the clock for you. With CNC equipment leasing you can leverage on buying more machines and additionally with the preserved capital, hire more operating staff. Combine the strategy of getting more machines and supporting staff and your production efficiency will hit the roof.

CNC Machine Financing Gives You Flexibility

Another aspect of the business that CNC machine financing aids in is the flexibility that it provides.

A product normally passes through several steps before reaching its final stage. Each step in the product creation cycle requires a machine. By leveraging on cnc router financing you can now purchase more equipment. This equipment could either be new and an advanced technology machinery that gets the work done faster or you could purchase more machinery of the same specifications that you have. Either of these approaches will directly help to boost production.

With the ever so vulnerable marketplace, if the competition is making changes by creating new products or are expanding their current production line, CNC machine financing allows you to quickly respond to the change. You can now have easy access to more CNC machines without stretching your finances too thin.

Are You a Work piece–Producing Company?

If you are a work piece–producing company CNC machine financing takes the load away from your equipment purchasing power. With that being taken care of, you can now spend more time building relationships with product-producing companies.

Now, you may ask how does a Haas CNC lease help my company build better relationships with product-producing companies?

Firstly, by availing the benefits of CNC machine financing you will have less capital going towards equipment purchase. The saved capital can now be used to invest in marketing your business and production capabilities. This, in turn, will lead to more opportunities for client acquisition with the product-producing companies.

Secondly, by leveraging a CNC router lease you will be able to acquire high-end CNC machines which will increase your production efficiency by supplying work pieces cheaper and faster.

One of the main reasons why a product-producing company will source workpieces is to save time and money. This means that the work piece company will have to produce the work pieces at a fraction of the cost and on a tighter schedule. Thus, CNC machine financing directly allows you to meet and fulfill this need of the product-producing companies. This also acts as a direct marketing plus point when talking to product-producing companies.

Thirdly, one of the biggest challenges that is faced by a work piece-producing company is the requirement to ship the pieces which is a major role that they have to undertake. With CNC equipment financing in hand, the extra working capital not used to pay outright for the CNC machines can be leveraged. This working capital can be used to staff the company to ensure that the pieces are being shipped out quickly and efficiently.

CNC Machine Leasing Gives You Flexibility

A work piece-producing company generally has a niche that they cater to. This being their specialization, they are able to produce pieces in large quantities quickly and inexpensively. For this, they normally use a particular type of CNC machine. By financing their CNC machines, they now have the flexibility to expand their niche and utilize other types of CNC machines. This now gives them the flexibility to take on new and diverse projects for producing work pieces.

CNC machine financing also allows companies to have the flexibility to take advantage of multi-stage machines with a less initial expense. Thus, instead of purchasing 2 machines, they can just leverage on one machine that can get the job of 2 machines done. This, in turn, will cut the production time in half and increase the bottom line.

What Are the Other Benefits of CNC Machine Financing?

A company might have the need to use a CNC machine as a lathe, while another might need to use it as a router, grinder or mill. CNC machine financing gives you the option to afford the perfect machine that matches your needs and boost productivity.

Along with quick, easy and effective means of obtaining equipment financing, you can also take advantage of its other features such as deferred payments, flexible seasonal payments, tax benefits and preserving your lines of credit for working capital purposes. Also, there are options available to purchase, upgrade or renew CNC machines, all of which directly aid in increasing productivity.

What Are the Monthly Payments on CNC Machine Financing?

It all comes down to the term selected, the rate qualified for, the amount of money put down, the amount financed and the buy out at the end of the term. 

Use our CNC Machine Finance Calculator  to calculate how much your CNC equipment financing payments could be and use our CNC Equipment Lease Calculator to calculate how many CNC machines you can afford to lease based on your monthly budget.

Final Thoughts on How to Boost Productivity with CNC Machine Financing

CNC machine financing helps in giving you more reserve capital that can be directly invested in additional machinery and staff. It also gives you the flexibility to spend more time and money to market your business with its enhanced capabilities to deliver products in more quantity, efficiently and promptly.

Trust capital can help you acquire new CNC machines with CNC equipment loan options that meet your needs. To help you get started on acquiring CNC machines for your business, schedule a meeting with our CNC machine loan specialist by calling Trust Capital Toll-Free at 866-458-4777.

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