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The Best Way to Use Commercial Trailer Leasing

Posted On: January 12, 2023 author Paul Kendall

Commercial trailer leasing can benefit your business in many ways. However, how it benefits your business depends on how you’re going to use it.

And if you want to get the best from your commercial trailer leasing, you need to use it properly.

Many trucking firms waste their commercial trailer leasing. For instance, a lot of them use it to lease mediocre trailers that don’t give them proper returns on their investment.

If you’re also thinking of using average trailers, you need to reconsider your plan. That’s not likely to help your business progress.

You need to make the most of commercial trailer leasing by using it to get your hands on trailers that can improve your operations. That can lead to growth for your business.

Today, we’ll talk about the best way to use commercial trailer leasing. In the process, you’ll also learn where to look for the best trailers to lease for your fleet.

Making the Most of Commercial Trailer Leasing


To make the most of commercial trailer leasing, you need to use it enhance your business. In other words, you should use it on improvements.

Generally, that means improving your trucking company by leasing high-quality trailers. It means building up an even better fleet than you have now, so you can serve more clients better.

Before we go into how to find trailers that can help you do that, let’s talk more about how leasing high-quality trailers can improve your business. This way, you have a better sense of what to look for in trailers to lease too. 

Improve Your Business with the Best Trailer Fleet


There are many ways your trucking business will improve if you use the best and most reliable trailers in your fleet.

That’s because using an excellent trailer fleet allows you to operate smoothly. There will be no instances of trailers failing or breaking down while in the middle of your operations.

Among other things, that means lower expenses for truck repair or tows. It also means you won’t have to deal with unhappy clients over tardy contracts or missed deadlines. 

In fact, doing the best work possible allows you to gain the trust of your customers. If you have the trust of your clients, the status of your business will improve.

Clients who trust you are likelier to give you repeat business, after all. That’s since they’re assured you can be relied upon to deliver on your promises.

It can also encourage customers to speak positively of you to others, which builds a good reputation. That can help you get even more clients. That’s why using the best trailers can improve your business. It’s also why you need to make sure that you make the most of your commercial trailer leasing to improve your fleet.


The Best Way to Use Commercial Trailer Leasing - commercial trailer

Manufacturers to Consider When Seeking Trailers to Lease


Now, we said earlier that we would talk about how to get the best trailers for commercial trailer leasing. The answer to this is simple: you need to find the best trailer brands or companies.

Leasing only trailers made by the best trailer manufacturing companies allows you to make the most of your commercial trailer leasing once you do secure it. It assures you that the trailers you get are reliable, i.e. worth leasing.

Of course, it might not be clear to everyone which manufacturers make the best trailers. To help you choose the right manufacturer, here are the companies that provide the best trailers for trailer leasing.

Hyundai Translead


You can use commercial trailer leasing on products from Hyundai Translead of San Diego, California. They are one of the best builders of commercial trailers.

Their company built over 65,700 truck trailers in 2018. This is an 8% increase from their 2017 output, indicating steady growth and demand for their trucks.

The increasing output is a proof that the demand for their trailers remains high. It suggests that a lot of truckers have faith in their products. 

In fact, many big trucking companies use their products. You can thus rest assured that using commercial trailer leasing on trailers from their company will help you stay competitive.

Wabash National Corporation


The Wabash National Corporation is also a firm whose products are worthy of a look if you’re about to get commercial trailer leasing. They are a fast-rising business in this industry.

Their company made around 60,100 complete truck-trailers in 2018. That number is an 11% increase from the total count of their 2017 production, which again shows what others think of them.

It’s also worth noting that the 2018 output of Wabash National Corporation was the highest number of complete trailers shipped by any North American manufacturer in that year. 

That tells you how healthy the company is, as is the regard for their brand among buyers. Using trailer leasing for your next wabash trailer is always a good financial decision. 

Vanguard National Trailer Corp.


Vanguard National Trailer Corp. of Monon, Indiana is one of the best makers of dry and refrigerated semi-trailers for the North American market.

They are known for making trailers with the best corrosion protection and advanced safety components.

Their company can be a good candidate for your commercial trailer leasing. That is because Vanguard National Trailer Corp. is a subsidiary of the CIMC Vehicle Group.

CIMC is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial trailers. That’s why you can be certain that using commercial trailer leasing on products from their company will benefit your trucking business. 

Great Dane Limited Partnership


Great Dane Limited Partnership is a trailer manufacturing firm based in Chicago, Illinois. They make dry van, refrigerated van, and flatbed semi-trailers. 

Their company is popular because they are known for creating reliable trailers. Also, they have a reputation for being committed to the research and development of cutting-edge trailer designs. 

The trailers that the Great Dane Limited Partnership build are developed using testing facilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

Just like the other trailer makers on this list, their company also has a steadily increasing output.

They built 49,000 trailers in 2018, for instance. That’s a 7% growth from their 2017 output.

Again, the improved production number is a sign that the demand for their trailers is increasing. As such, you may want to get in on the action by using commercial trailer leasing to get your hands on their trailers.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.


Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. is the oldest privately-owned and family-operated trailer builder in the United States.

Their experience is the proof that they can make reliable trailers. They can be the best maker for your commercial trailer leasing.

The Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. makes different kinds of trailers like dry freight vans, flatbeds, refrigerated vans, Tautliner® curtain-sided trailers, and trailers using aero technologies.

Out of all the trailer makers on this list, their company actually has seen the biggest growth in production in recent years.

They built 48,802 trailers in 2018, for instance. This is a 13% increase over their 2017 overall output, which is again a good sign for the public’s faith in their products. 


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Use Commercial Trailer Leasing 


The right trailer manufacturer depends on what type of trailer you need. Also, it depends on the availability of the trailers in your area.

But regardless of your chosen trailer brand, you should use commercial trailer leasing.

Getting a trailer fleet is a huge investment. Given the cost of high-quality trailers, it can cost a lot of money.

Using your working capital to buy trailers can cause an imbalance in your cash flow. Given these uncertain markets, that can put the future of your trucking company in jeopardy. You can get a trailer loan from a local business finance bank for it, true. However, the chance of approval is pretty slim if your credit score is under a 680 and if you don't have an in depth credit history. 

Business finance banks are very strict regarding business loans for trucking companies, after all. Especially if your a start up trucking company with less than two years in business. They want to keep risks down as much as possible, and are thus extremely wary of small or younger businesses in loan applications.

That’s the reason it’s best to get your trailers through a trailer leasing company instead.

Commercial trailer leasing lets you use the trailers you need for your operations without having to buy them.

That’s since you don't own the trailers if you choose to lease them. You’ll just borrowing each one from the trailer leasing company, which retains ownership even as you use the trailers.

Leasing trailers obviously gives many benefits to your business. For one thing, it doesn’t require you to put up the massive amounts of capital necessary to use the best trailers for your fleet.

If you decide to sign up for a TRAC Lease with a ten to twenty percent residual, commercial trailer leasing can allow you to replace the trailers after your contract has concluded with the trailer leasing company. This prevents you from being saddled with old and failing trailers later on. 

Where to Get the Best Commercial Trailer Leasing


Commercial trailer leasing is offered by trailer leasing companies like Trust Capital.

Trust Capital is one of the most reliable trailer leasing companies. Many businesses in different industries trust their company because of the services they offer. They're one of the few trailer leasing companies to offer no pre-payment penalties on terms up to 84 months. Many business owners take advantage of deferred payments so their first few trailer payments are very small. 

Trust Capital has some of the most reasonable requirements for those applying for trailer leases with them.

You can get commercial trailer leasing from them as long as you have a credit score of at least 550 if you're over two years in business, for example. That’s a very low bar, compared to the ones set by most other commercial trailer leasing companies. If you're a start up trucking company than be sure to have a credit score over a 650. If you have bad credit and you're looking for a trailer to lease than make sure you have a high opening and ending three month average balance to prove you can cash flow for the trailer lease. 

Apart from providing the best agreements for commercial trailer leasing, Trust Capital will also help you grow your business. They will assist you in using commercial trailer leasing properly. 

Final Thoughts on Commercial Trailer Leasing


In this blog post, we talked about how to make sure you’re using commercial trailer leasing properly.

You should use commercial trailer leasing wisely because it can improve your trucking business. It allows you to use the best trailer fleet so you can provide the best trucking services possible.

But to ensure the success of using commercial trailer leasing, you need to use trailers from the best trailer manufacturers. This helps you ensure the quality and dependability of your services.

Hence, it’s best to lease trailers from the manufacturers mentioned in this blog post. Again, these are Hyundai Translead, Wabash National Corporation, Vanguard National Trailer Corp., Great Dane Limited Partnership, and Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

Furthermore, be sure to get commercial trailer leasing from reliable commercial trailer leasing companies like Trust Capital. That can help you make the most of your trailer lease purchase.

To know more about commercial trailer leasing, contact Trust Capital at (866)458-4777.

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