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5 Benefits of Buying Used Farm Equipment

Posted On: April 14, 2018 author Paul Kendall

We know that you’re always looking for ways to save money in your farming business.

Every business out there wants to improve their bottom line, reduce costs, and increase profits.

The businesses that don’t are the ones that go out of business.

What some businesses might not realize (especially newer business owners) is that you can purchase or lease used equipment to drastically reduce the cost of business operations.

Today we’ll explore some of the major benefits to buying used equipment instead of brand new farming equipment and utilizing used farm equipment financing for cash flow purposes. 


1. Saves Money & Increases Profit


We’ve already mentioned that buying used equipment can save you money.

New equipment, while it may be in better condition, costs considerably more money to get nearly the same result out on in the field than used equipment.

When you choose farm equipment finance for older or used equipment, you’ll spend a good chunk of money less than you would have by buying brand new, but still might get roughly the same results. 

This opens up more farming opportunities when you have more flexibility to choose what types of projects and operations to start.

2. Farm Equipment Loan Companies May Prefer New Equipment


Depending on the heavy equipment leasing companies you speak too about farm equipment financing, they may insist that you utilize new equipment over used equipment.

The reasons may vary from equipment finance company to equipment finance company, but most of the time it’s to help reduce overall lending risk in case the equipment breaks down.

All though, you save money by going used and you’re more likely to secure an approval from a heavy equipment financing company when you finance less equipment up front. Generally in the equipment finance industry, equipment lenders like the used equipment to be less than 10 years old. Few equipment lenders have no age restrictions on used farm equipment loans but it's possible to get anything approved that's mission critical for your business and is in good shape. 

It's always a good idea to get a mechanic to look at your used farm equipment before you make a final decision. 

3. Used Equipment Is Great for Backup Machinery


As a farmer, you know that farming equipment will break down at some point. It’s less about “if” and more about “when.” 

You don’t want to be the farmer that has one of their most important farming machines to break down in the middle of a big operation.

Having backup machinery allows you to continue the harvest or operation while simultaneously looking for a proper replacement. Used agricultural equipment leasing will provide you with the machinery you need around with out breaking the bank and providing a large tax write off. 

4. Purchase Seasonally for Better Prices


If your harvests are seasonally based, you can purchase used farming equipment at better overall prices.

Because you are not using it every month of the year, each purchase will “last” more years because it is being used less overall.

Some vendors may be willing to sell certain farm equipment at a discount when it’s during the offseason, allowing you to plan ahead and save money as a result.

Plan ahead and become a business-savvy farmer!

It's common in the equipment finance industry to set up your farm equipment loans on a seasonal payment program. Making payments 9 months out of the year. Taking three of the cold months off to help with low cash deposits in those months you choose. 

5. Farming Equipment Has a Predictable Life Cycle


As most, farming equipment can be predicted when it will break down from natural wear-and-tear, you’ll be able to get a good gauge of how valuable an offering is for used equipment.

This also makes it easier to predict when you will need to replace your equipment again in the future in order to plan ahead.

When comparing new to used equipment, it’s generally about the same specifications. 


While newer equipment may have a longer lifespan and may perform more efficiently, it’s often at the cost of a much higher price tag.

In many cases, the price difference isn’t worth it, and you’re better off paying less for virtually the same result.

Farm equipment leasing makes it possible for you and many farmers out there to get the equipment you need without having to pay nearly as much for newer equipment. There are many benefits to buying used farming equipment, and it’s not uncommon to rely on a farm equipment loan to help.

Use our farm equipment loan calculator  to calculate how much your farm equipment leasing payments could be and use our equipment lease calculator to calculate how much farm equipment you can afford to lease based on your monthly budget.

Ready for a No Obligation Farm Equipment financing quote? No hard inquiries. Receive a no obligation agricultural equipment financing approval that's good for up to 60 days. 

Call Trust Capital and speak with a heavy equipment loans specialist at 866-458-4777 to discuss the 5 Benefits of Buying Used Farm Equipment. 

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