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Why Restaurants Should Take Advantage of Small Ticket Leasing

Posted On: December 12, 2022 author Paul Kendall

The restaurant business is a very competitive and unforgiving business.

The margin of error is great.  One too many errors will lead to loss of clients that will be very costly in the end.

It is common for these misses to be caused by insufficient or defective equipment. And it is not being addressed because there are not enough funds to cover for the same. 

That may be because the restaurant is not earning enough for it may be still on a startup mode or has been losing working capital.

The good news is that through small ticket leasing, restaurant owners have a facility to go ahead and make the necessary equipment acquisitions or replacement.

And today we are here to discuss the mechanics of restaurant small ticket leasing.

Acquiring Small Ticketing Leasing for Restaurants

If the needed equipment is less than $25,000.00, business owners can go ahead and avail of small ticket leasing to acquire it.

There is no more need to delay the much-needed equipment acquisition or replacement.  That's because delaying might end up costing you your restaurant business.

Let’s take a look at how can small ticket leasing work for your restaurant business.

Restaurant Small Ticket Leasing for Your Business


Small ticket leasing is one of the best avenues for securing funds needed. It allows you to acquire new equipment without borrowing funds from business banks or other business loan institutions.

What’s more, small ticket equipment leasing can help you save most of your working capital.

Instead of paying a huge upfront payment for costly equipment, you can instead use your working capital to finance other important aspects of your restaurant business.

Banks have made their requirements for business loans more rigid, making it hard for startups or businesses with limited working capital to acquire financial assistance.

The good news is, small ticket leasing for restaurants is easier to obtain as it requires fewer requirements to its applicants.

Most business financing companies would depend on your credit score, written business plan, and current business financial statement (if available).

These documents are needed to ensure that the applicant is capable of paying the lease. If these are all good, then you’re set to go for the small ticket lease.


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Why You Should Use Small Ticket Financing for Restaurants?


Replacing, upgrading, or even adding equipment in your restaurant is a must. Doing so can significantly help sustain or improve the quality of your business.  

It can even make you more profitable!

Fortunately, equipment leasing can solve this problem.

To give you an idea about it, here are some of the reasons why you need to lease your equipment.

It has Lower Upfront Costs

Many equipment leasing companies charge low down payments. The lower upfront cost allows your business to conserve its working capital while acquiring equipment to improve its production.

Upgrades Will Come Easier with Restaurant Small Ticket Financing

Equipment financing companies know the importance of acquiring the newest technologies to boost your restaurants revenue.

And acquiring equipment leasing can give you options to upgrade your leased kitchen machine within the term of the contract. These options are usually convenient and reasonably priced.

At Trust Capital, you can upgrade your equipment without prepayment penalties. Their extensive knowledge and experience in this field guarantee you of a polished leased equipment upgrade program that will help your restaurant. 

They will give you ample time to assess if you needed an upgrade or not.

It Has a Purchase Option


Most business finance companies, like Trust Capital, offer purchase options that a borrower can use to acquire ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease for $1 or it's then fair market value, typically with a purchase option..

There are some equipment leasing companies that offer rent-to-own terms. Also called term residual leases or rent to own lease. With a term residual lease, the restaurateur will have the opportunity to return the equipment a few payments prior to the end of the lease or carry on the equipment lease until the end of the term and own it at the end of all the monthly payments to gain full proprietorship of the leased equipment at the end of the lease.


How Does Small Ticket Leasing for Restaurants Work?


Unlike getting a loan from a bank, acquiring small ticket leasing isn’t that tough.

Financing companies only require few requirements. Most of them make the application process less hassle for its applicants.

Many equipment leasing and financing companies like Trust Capital have fast application process and approvals.

To apply for small ticket leasing, just visit the Trust Capital official website. They have an easy online application.

Trust Capital approves an equipment leasing application within 1-2 hours. Once they approved your request, they’ll immediately contact the equipment vendor to deliver the equipment you need.

Their website has all the information about equipment financing and leasing.

Trust Capital has an online tool that allows vendors to put easy equipment financing options on their website and offer financing to their customers at the point of sale.

If you’re a vendor, adding the widget to your website can shorten the process of the leasing application process.  You can approve your client’s application fast online.

The online system approves deals from $500 - $15,000 in a minute. Then, the customer picks their payment option.

During the application process, some e-docs will be generated for the customer to fill out. After filling out the e-docs, Trust Capital will then fund you upon receiving the final invoice  for your working capital.

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How to Get Approved Fast for a Small Ticket Lease?


Trust Capital considers application regardless of your credit score. But bear in mind, a good credit score will give you higher chances to acquire a lease with much more affordable monthly payments than those with bad credit score.

So, a word of advice, you might want to improve your credit score prior to applying for small ticket lease.

Having or sustaining a good credit score isn’t that hard. Just pay your bills on time and consistently. Also, don’t forget to pay all back taxes and settle outstanding judgments and liens.

Final Thoughts on the Effects on Acquiring Small Ticketing Leasing to Restaurants


In this blog post, we talked about small ticket leasing for restaurants.

Small ticket leasing is the best solution to support the growth of your restaurant business. It allows you to acquire new equipment without impacting your working capital.

Acquiring equipment through small ticket leasing gives you several advantages. Equipment leasing doesn’t require a huge money upfront and upgrading the equipment will be fast and easy. Business finance companies offer deferred payment programs to restaurants, such as no payments for 90 days, followed by a term up to 60 months.

Also, you can purchase the leased restaurant equipment at the end of your equipment lease agreement.  This is a huge advantage if you’re leasing long-term assets.

Apply for Small Ticket Financing for Restaurants Today


Any businesses can get small ticket leasing. Equipment leasing companies like Trust Capital have few requirements for approval. Usually, they just check if an applicant has a good credit score.

Ready to Apply for equipment leasing? We invite you to call Trust Capital and speak with an equipment lease specialist that can offer you a no obligation approval, run payment scenarios for you subject to credit approval at 866-458-4777.

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