Medical Lasers & Aesthetic Equipment Financing

One of the best ways to get the equipment you need at a cost you can afford is to get financing for medical lasers and aesthetic equipment. Whether looking for financing for medical lasers for use in a healthcare facility or aesthetic laser technology, we can give you what you need through leasing that gives you everything you need.

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Chapter 1: The Differences Between Medical vs. Aesthetic Laser Equipment

Hair Removal with Laser Machines

Aesthetic lasers, or non-medical lasers, are a type of laser designed for cosmetic purposes, and are used to improve the appearance of an individual rather than perform surgeries. These lasers could be used to remove hair, cellulite, or tattoos, among other unwanted tissue.

On the other hand, medical lasers are powerful pieces of equipment designed to improve the accuracy, precision, and effectiveness of surgeries in which other tools aren’t as effective and precise. Typically, these lasers are easier to find funding for because of their procedural nature in helping diagnose and treat patients. However, here at Trust Capital, we can provide the funding needed for either medical or non-medical lasers, from surgical lasers to tattoo removal equipment and much more.

Chapter 2: How to Get Medical Laser & Aesthetic Equipment Leasing

There are several different factors to consider if you want to get laser financing, whether you’re looking for leasing for medical or non-medical lasers. These factors include:

  • Credit Bureau reports - How is your credit? Higher credit scores get better rates, while lower scores get higher rates.
  • Length of time in business - The longer your company’s been in operation, the higher your chance will be at getting the financing you want.
  • Business and personal liquidity - If you have more cash saved up and more revenue, your debt to income ratio will improve.
Resurfacing of Fractionated Skin with Laser Technology

In short, if you have good credit, have been in business for several years, and have more available capital along with good revenue, you’ll be able to get some of the best deals on medical and aesthetic laser equipment financing.

Chapter 3: Popular Types of Laser Equipment to Get Leasing for


There are many different types of medical and aesthetic laser equipment that you can receive funding for, depending on the application. Here are some of the most popular.

Acne Laser Treatments

Along with other acne treatments, lasers are an effective option for removing acne from the face, neck, shoulders, and other problem areas. With laser acne treatments, doctors can spend less time treating individual patients while patients can enjoy briefer and less frequent—but ultimately more effective—acne treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is another type of treatment that utilizes aesthetic laser equipment. Laser hair removal is ideal because it is among the only completely non-invasive treatments available, using laser light to target cells responsible for hair growth and destroying them without causing harm to the surrounding skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Many people who get tattoos wind up looking for ways to remove them at some point, and laser tattoo removal equipment can make the process simple. The process can take weeks to complete through multiple treatments, but it’s one of the only ways to remove unwanted permanent tattoos.

Pain Relief Laser Treatments

Lasers can also be used to provide pain relief and promote healing by increasing blood flow. From joint and minor muscle pain to stiffness, sprains, and spasms, laser pain relief treatments can help many patients suffering from arthritis and other issues causing muscle or joint pain.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractionated skin is a common problem for many, but aesthetic laser skin resurfacing treatments can treat this issue as one of the most non-invasive and effective treatments for patients of all types.

These are simply some of the many types of equipment we can finance here at Trust Capital.


Chapter 4: Leasing for Medical Spas That Are Not MD-Owned

While it’s often more difficult for non-MD-owned med spas to receive financing because of the necessity for lasers used in medical applications, Trust Capital can provide these businesses with all of the equipment they need without hassle.


Is It Possible to Own a Med Spa as a Non-Physician?

A majority of states in the U.S. adhere to a doctrine called the corporate practice of medicine, which mandates that only physicians or physician-owned organizations can receive payment for any medical services they provide. Med spas offer several medical treatments using lasers and other equipment, which means that they apply to this doctrine.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of this growing industry can set up an MSO. MSOs provide management services, partnering with a physician’s business through a management service agreement. This type of arrangement enables non-physicians to supervise a majority of the aspects of med spas, from branding and marketing to real estate ownership and accounting.

Trouble Receiving Financing and the Trust Capital Difference

In many cases, startup med spas or more established businesses in this industry may have owners who aren’t MDs, which may not look ideal business for financing as traditional lenders may see these business owners as unqualified for funding. What sets Trust Capital apart from other funding companies is the fact that we’re willing to finance your med spa regardless of certification. If you need financing for your med spa’s equipment, we’re here to give you what you need at the pricing you can afford.

Whether you’re a Doctor of Medicine or a non-doctor, you can get sufficient medical and non-medical laser financing for your business.

Chapter 5: Benefits of Financing for Laser Equipment

With the right financing for medical or non-medical laser equipment, you can get several benefits, including:

  • Pay consistent fixed rates and payments
  • Save funds for other aspects of your business
  • Cover certain soft costs including shipping
  • Get faster approval rates
  • Develop solutions for weaker credit
  • Purchases never show up on personal credit
  • Many other benefits

With these and other benefits that come with aesthetic and medical laser equipment leasing, you’ll be able to get the funding you need to successfully launch or improve your business operations.

Make Good ROI with the Latest Technology in the Industry

When you turn to Trust Capital for laser equipment financing, you can gain access to some of the best in medical and aesthetic laser technology available, which can maximize ROI in the long run.

Some of the types of medical and aesthetics equipment we can provide funding for include:

Zeltiq CoolSculpting Equipment

CoolSculpting is one of two popular fat reduction procedures used today, along with SculpSure. While SculpSure uses heat to destroy fat cells before they leave the body naturally, CoolSculpting involves the use of cold temperatures to freeze and damage these cells.

Zeltiq Aesthetics, now a subsidiary of Allergan, is among the most reputable brands of CoolSculpting laser equipment. This high-quality equipment allows for efficient and effective CoolSculpting procedures and is one of the many types of lasers we can provide funding for at Trust Capital.

Ultherapy Skin Tightening Equipment

Ultherapy is another brand known for its consistent quality across its product selection. Their skin tightening equipment provides a non-invasive way to tighten and lift skin, in areas such as the chin, brows, and neck. They can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Syneron Medical Cosmetic Surgery Devices

Syneron Medical, also known as Syneron Candela and now a subsidiary of Apax Partners, manufactures various devices for cosmetic procedures including wrinkle treatments and hair removal. Equipment such as their Vbeam Prima is designed to effectively treat skin problems such as rosacea and scars, while their Profound machinery can improve skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and cellulite.

Flow Aesthetics Devices

Flow Aesthetics is another widely recognized manufacturer using cutting edge technology to develop and market hair restoration, nonsurgical skin tightening and rejuvenation, and fat reduction equipment, among other types of aesthetic equipment.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Devices

NeoGraft is another leader in hair restoration, providing top-quality equipment for female and male hair loss. Through the use of grafts, NeoGraft devices can effectively restore hair without any scarring for natural looking results.

Regardless of which types of equipment you need, our financing solutions can help you get the best devices in the industry to help maximize ROI.

Chapter 6: Types of Leasing, Rates, and How to Qualify for Laser Equipment Financing

For doctors who own med spas either opening a new practice or looking to improve their existing practice, we can provide finance build-outs along with leasehold improvement, working capital, and financing for all equipment, including medical and aesthetic laser equipment.

We offer packages with flexible terms based on your specific needs.

Get Funds on Demand with Transparent Fees

Rates and Types of Laser Equipment Financing

Here at Trust Capital, we can structure financing deals in a way that enables you to control how you complete your repayment and whether or not you keep the equipment.

These deals include:

  • Percentage Buyout – You’ll be able to make a percentage-based payment, typically a percentage of 10%. This percentage is based on the price of the equipment. You can also keep the equipment following the lease.
  • Small Buyout – Own the laser equipment at the end by making a small payment of as little as $1, with higher monthly payments in turn.
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) – Through FMV, you can pay the Fair Market Value left on the equipment and decide whether to keep your laser equipment or return it in exchange for other models. FMV is among the most affordable options due to its low monthly payment.

As an example, if you purchase equipment valued at $50,000, you can expect the following costs over the course of 60 months, based on your risk level:

Small Buyout:

  • $1K for low risk
  • $1.2K for medium risk
  • $1.4K for high risk

Percentage Buyout:

  • $950 for low risk
  • $1.1K for medium risk
  • $1.3K for high risk

Get Advantages You Won’t Find with Other Types of Laser Equipment Financing

Depending on what you need, we have the financing solution that’s right for you, offering:

  • 100% purchase financing
  • Up to $250,000 with a simple one-page application
  • Up to $3,000,000 with financial disclosure
  • Next-day funding with pre-funding for equipment vendors available
  • 12 - 72 month fixed payment terms
  • No down payment requirements - qualified borrowers
  • Lowest Rates in the industry for qualified borrowers
  • Eligibility for all new and used equipment purchases
  • No debt on owners personal credit reports
  • No prepayment penalties

Credit requirements for startup companies:

  • Business license or active business entity with the secretary of state
  • Personal guarantees required from all owners
  • Minimum 640 credit score
  • No bankruptcies in the last 7 years
  • No unresolved tax liens

If you meet all requirements and want sufficient funding for your business, Trust Capital is here today. Simply apply and we’ll provide same-day approval to help you get on your way to aesthetic and medical equipment financing based on your business’s specific needs.


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