Essentials Equipments for a Medical Marijuana Business

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Lasers are a powerful piece of technology. You probably already know this if you’re in the business of providing medical or aesthetic laser treatments. Whether you’re already in the business or just getting started, medical laser equipment can open up a large variety of services for your laser-based company.

1. Laser Treatment for Acne

Laser equipment provides patients with another option for removing acne from their face, shoulders, neck, etc. Most of the time their only option is pills and other topical creams. But you could become their new favorite doctor to work with when they realize how effective laser treatment is for acne. The advantage is that you get to spend less time on individual treatments while patients get to enjoy fewer, but more effective, acne removal treatments.

2. Hair Removal with Laser Machines

Hair removal with laser hair removal equipment is a popular service for most aesthetic laser companies. A hair laser machine is a great choice to add to your practice because it’s the main aesthetic treatment for hair removal that is completely non-invasive. It uses laser light to target the cells responsible for hair growth and destroys them without harming the surrounding skin.

3. Using a Tattoo Removal Laser

Adding tattoo removal laser equipment to your arsenal is well worth the time and money. People are getting tattoos all the time only to discover later that it wasn’t their best choice. Why not capitalize on that opportunity within your own business?

Tattoo removal laser equipment is responsible for breaking apart the individual pigments that were injected into the skin during the tattooing process. The removal process may take a couple of weeks and multiple treatments for patients to see results, but the ability to remove a “permanent” tattoo is a service that shouldn’t be ignored.

4. Promoting Pain Relief with Laser Equipment

When you think about lasers, you probably think about treatments like hair removal and tattoo removal, right? But did you know that you can use specially designed lasers to promote healing and pain relief through an increased blood flow? Lasers can be used to treat your patients that suffer from minor muscle pain, joint pain, joint stiffness, muscle spasms, sprains, muscular pain, and other related pains associated with arthritis.

5. Resurfacing of Fractionated Skin with Laser Technology

You might know some people who have suffered from fractionated skin, but haven’t looked into using lasers for treatment due to the risk-benefit ratio not being in their favor. Well, as a result of technological improvements with medical and aesthetic lasers, it’s now considered a less invasive procedure than in the past and has grown in popularity.

Instead of using a direct stream of the laser’s light and energy, the light is broken up into an ‘array’ (typically 7 by 7 or 9 by 9) of pixels to help redistribute the laser’s energy to treat the area without negatively affecting the surrounding skin tissue.

And Many Others!

There are so many different types of laser services you can provide for both medical and aesthetic purposes for your clients. You can get used aesthetic lasers and medical lasers from local and national aesthetic laser companies through laser leasing if you can’t yet afford to purchase a laser machine outright with cash.

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