Our Approach is Unique... Our Products are Innovative... and Our Support is Ongoing.

A Unique Consultative Approach to Understanding Your Needs

Trust Capital, LLC creates and implements specialty financial products dedicated to the needs of the Nation's capital equipment sales-force. Our team designs programs that drive new and repeat business to our vendor partners through a concentration of service, efficiency of process, innovation of products, and the deployment of e-business technologies. Rather than offering a choice of two or three prepackaged "cookie cutter" programs, our highly qualified team analyzes your current product line, sales model, and customer needs... overlays your strategic vision.. and then presents you with a customized program. These programs are designed to provide better account control, reduce costs, enhance margins and increase market penetration.

Dynamic Targeted Market Penetration

Trust Capital, LLC gives you the power to drive sales by helping you target customers that have bought your equipment in the past. We utilize our proprietary technology to hlep you find qualified prospects. 20 + proprietary filters and easy market share reporting.

Dynamic Sales Leads

Trust Capital gives you the power to focus on individual buyers of the exact equipment you sell. See regional hot spots, growth trends and emerging markets.

Prospect profile:

Contact details
D & B demographics
Equipment Details
% New vs Used
Buying cycles

Trust Capital doesn't miss opportunities. We consistently print prospect reports for multiple prospects. Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly frequency. We send out email alerts of a new company buying equipment you sell.

Dynamic Marketing

Trust Capital determines and executes marketing strategies. Our team increase’s your market share by targeting prospects who have a proven history of buying competitive machines.

Automated Customer, Prospect and Equipment Watch

Get email alerts when buyers purchase equipment you sell. Keep a pulse on customers & prospects. We watch historic data to anticipate equipment replacement needs. We monitor customers and react proactively. It pays to know when prospects are gearing up for a major project or have switched brands.

Product Development

Our data helps you seize product opportunities by understanding soft spots in the market.

Joint Marketing / Telemarketing Support

With over 20 years of Corporate Marketing/Branding experience, our team announces new programs with color co-branded literature, promoting both product and financing identity. In addition, our staff of professional telemarketers work on your sales initiatives, such as new product rollouts, pre-show prospecting and lead follows up.  We’ll actually bring leads to you!

Dynamic Online Lead Generation


By including financing on your website— we’ll use Trust Capital’s digital advertising experts to target

your core market to increase your revenues.Trust Capital, LLC creates and implements a custom web marketing campaign driving hot leads to your sales staff.


Bottom Line… We help our vendors sell MORE products, FASTER, and more PROFITABLY!