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What are the Best Embroidery Products for Your Business to Sell?

Posted On : Nov 12 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Embroidery Machine Financing

So you want to start or grow an embroidery business.

And why not?

The embroidery business is a booming segment of the multi-billion dollar apparel industry.

What’s great about an embroidery business is that you can set it up in your own space. You can start your operations inside an empty room in your own home! You just need to have graphic designs and several sewing machines, and you’re good to go.

So now that you are set on growing your embroidery business, you need to pick the best products to sell… to help you be most profitable.

That’s why in this blog post I’ll talk about the best embroidery products, and what machines are best to use. Then, we’ll also discuss where to get embroidery machine financing to acquire your equipment.

7 Tips for Maximizing Your Income as a Photographer

Posted On : Nov 09 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Finance Photography Equipment

Photography can be a profitable business.

Photography is directly used in arts, film production, mass communication, and even for a hobby or recreational purposes.  In addition, photographers are hired for professional photo shoot sessions and special occasions and events.

High-quality photography equipment is expensive.  But thanks to companies that can finance photography equipment, pursuing this career is easier than ever.

That’s when you get to think about getting into photography, you need to consider what to offer as a service, and how to minimize your costs (and thus increase your profitability).

That’s why in this blog post I’ll talk about tips for maximizing your revenue as a photographer. Then, we’ll discuss in length how you can finance photography equipment.

Top 5 Best Largest Equipment Leasing Companies

Posted On : Nov 07 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Largest Equipment Leasing Companies

With the help of the Internet, finding equipment leasing companies is easy.

But finding reputable, best, and largest equipment leasing companies that you can rely on for high-priced equipment can be daunting.

And this is even more true for start-ups who want to launch a business that needs pricey equipment. It pays to have a broader knowledge in managing the business. Also, it needs a thorough and sensible decision in choosing to lease or buy business equipment.

For some, leasing is most likely their best option. That’s why you need to find a lease equipment provider that can only give you the best.

There are hundreds of leasing equipment in the United States, but not all of them can give you the right service for your needs. Each company offers different financing solutions and programs.

Which is why we enumerated the top 5 best largest equipment leasing companies to help you weigh good decisions.

Top Equipment Leasing Companies in the U.S.A

Posted On : Nov 02 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Top Equipment Leasing Companies

Looking for information about the leading equipment leasing companies that can help you with your own business financing?

Equipment leasing is an effective way to acquire new or updated equipment. By leasing equipment, you don’t need to pay a big upfront payment.

Business owners prefer not using their capital to purchase new, expensive equipment. Instead, they prefer equipment leasing and preserving their capital.  

It’s best to avoid shelling out a lot of money that may result in a cash shortage.

Since equipment leasing involves borrowing a lot of cash (and assuming risk), it becomes imperative to pick a leading equipment leasing company.

In this blog post, we’ll have a frank discussion about the top equipment leasing companies. That way you can pick the best of the top equipment leasing companies for your business needs.   

We’ll then talk about what to watch out for in making your ultimate choice.

Tips on Using Middle Market Loans Effectively

Posted On : Oct 31 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Middle Market Loans

It’s not easy to get a loan.  It’s even more difficult borrowing the money you need for your business with middle market loans.

Your business is not big enough to receive large bank loans, yet on the other hand, it is too small to obtain small business loans.

And you probably feel like you are in loan purgatory.  

All these prepayments, collateral, and financial covenants… it can all be challenging.

And now after completing this grueling process, you have to make the right decisions on how to use these loans effectively.

In this blog post, we will discuss in length the ways on how you could use your middle market loans effectively. Then, we’ll outline tips on how you can pick the best equipment financing companies!

Acquiring Profitable Investments Through Big Ticket Leasing

Posted On : Oct 29 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Big Ticket Leasing

Acquiring expensive assets through big ticket leasing involves significant risk.

Usually, large corporations with many employees qualify for big ticket leasing. They lease high-cost equipment to grow or improve their operations.

These companies know what they will get in return for their equipment leasing investment.

If you’re planning to lease ‘big-ticket’ equipment for your business, then make sure to lease equipment that will improve your business and give you a good return on investment (ROI).

This seems like an easy task, but many business owners fail to acquire the right investment for their business. That often results to huge financial loss or compromised productivity.

In this blog post, we’ll outline various profitable investments that will help you use your big ticket leasing effectively.

Increase Your Capital with Startup Business Financing

Posted On : Oct 15 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Start Up Business Financing

Do you need extra capital to grow your business?

Having your own business is no easy feat. While every single one starts with a good idea and plan, these often fail due to the inability to meet the challenges that come with it.

One of the most common roadblocks is funding. Without enough funds to start and maintain the business, it’s almost certainly doomed to fail.

Fortunately, financing companies now offer solutions to this problem. Startup business financing is an ideal way to acquire the capital needed to reach business goals.

Today, we will discuss what startup business financing is and how to obtain it.

Things to Consider in Office Equipment Leasing

Posted On : Oct 08 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : office equipment leasing


Are you considering the idea of using office equipment leasing?

Starting up a business requires an investment in good office equipment. Depending on the size of your company, purchasing equipment can put a dent on your cash flow and even more so when you’ve outrun their usefulness.

Office equipment leasing is a new way business owners can invest in high-quality equipment for their business. Through this, they can also manage cash flow and ensure a smooth running of their operations.

In this blog post, we will discuss the important factors to consider when looking into acquiring office equipment leasing.

Finding the Best Industrial Equipment Leasing

Posted On : Oct 01 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Industrial Equipment Leasing

Planning to use industrial equipment leasing for your business?

Today, many companies, regardless of their size and type, choose to lease their equipment. This is often the case for industrial businesses who are looking to acquire new and state-of-the-art equipment.

Despite being in an industry with a huge potential for growth, industrial businesses can still end up bleeding cash due to the cost and number of equipment they need. Acquiring equipment through leasing easily helps these businesses avoid financial troubles and tons of paperwork.

Using Forklift Leasing in Startup Warehouse/Distribution Business

Posted On : Aug 20 2018 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : forklift leasing

Looking to see if forklift leasing would work for your warehouse/distribution business?

Starting a business can be time and effort-consuming, especially so when you are looking into owning a warehouse/distribution business. To find success in the industry, it’s important to invest in a fleet of forklifts to handle the day-to-day operations.

As the business deals mostly with heavy lifting, investing in these forklifts is a necessity.

However, it’s a necessity that can be costly.

To avoid possible financial problems, it’s good to consider using forklift leasing. In this blog, we will discuss how this can help your business while giving 7 tips for starting a warehouse/distribution business.

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