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Packaging Equipment Leasing for Manufacturing Businesses

Posted On: February 13, 2023 author Paul Kendall

Manufacturing businesses in need of better packaging machinery should consider packaging equipment leasing. This can help them improve their operations without spending a lot of working capital. For one thing, this type of machinery leasing allows you to use the packaging equipment you need without spending huge working capital upfront. 

It also means you can get the machinery right away, instead of having to wait until you’ve saved up enough working capital to get that equipment. Those are just a few of the advantages that packaging equipment leasing can give your manufacturing business.

If you use packaging equipment leasing strategically, you can get even more benefits from it. We’ll talk about those benefits here. Today, you’ll learn about the many advantages of getting packaging equipment leasing for manufacturing businesses.

How Packaging Equipment Leasing Can Improve Your Operations


Packaging equipment leasing can affect many aspects of your business. It can change your operations, budget, and revenue.

Also, this type of equipment leasing can affect your employees. It can help them to be more productive and more efficient as they work with better equipment, for instance.

Off the bat, that should give you a sense of how packaging equipment leasing can change your business for the better. But to use it properly, you know exactly how it can help you.

That's why we'll discuss specific ways packaging equipment leasing can help your manufacturing business below. It should give you a good idea of how to use it to benefit your own operations.


Packaging Equipment Leasing for Manufacturing Businesses - packaging equipment

Reduce Labor Costs


The first benefit of packaging equipment leasing is that it can help reduce labor costs. That’s because having packaging equipment can reduce your staff headcount.

For example, say you have one employee working a specific part of your packaging line manually. Say this employee’s pay is $12.00 per hour. This includes worker’s compensation, social security, and health benefits. This employee costs over $25,000 per year. But even if you hire temporary labor and pay them minimum wage instead, each employee would still cost your business over $15,000 per year.

If you choose to have packaging equipment, things would be different. Leasing sealing and wrapping machines could pay itself off in one year while also eliminating one employee from your payroll.

Consolidating new machinery in the manufacturing process can simplify employee training and reduce labor costs. Advances in technology and workforce skills might enable modifications that can boost productivity, optimize manufacturing space, and reduce expenses further.

That helps when you’re feeling pressure to quickly increase production. Paying overtime in such cases seems like a no-brainer, but overtime costs can quickly eat into profits. So, reduce reliance on overtime by adding another line like new machinery to increase your output while controlling costs. Fortunately, acquiring the machinery you need is easy when you consider packaging equipment leasing.

Eliminate Safety Hazards


Packaging products can sometimes cause safety hazards. Your employees can get injuries if they are packaging products manually. The same can happen if they are using equipment without good safety features.

As much as possible, you should avoid that. You’ll end up paying a lot if your employees are hurt during your operations.

With that said, make sure you’re providing them a clean, healthy and safe work environment. Also, implement safety protocols to reduce the chance of accidents and costly workers compensation claims.

Apart from that, consider getting packaging equipment leasing as well. It can help you easily upgrade or acquire good packaging equipment to lessen the instances of accidents in your manufacturing company. 

Besides, packaging equipment can do work faster and safer automatically than your workers doing it manually. That makes updating packaging equipment with packaging equipment leasing a good idea.


Packaging Equipment Leasing for Manufacturing Businesses - packaging equipment 2

Improve Production Efficiency


Packaging equipment leasing can improve the production efficiency of your manufacturing business too. That’s because it allows you to acquire or upgrade your packaging equipment.

Updating packaging equipment can improve production speed and quality. This can improve sales and help your business steadily expand.

That’s possible because using good packaging equipment makes your production faster without sacrificing efficiency. Good packaging equipment lessens possible errors as it duplicates processes sans variation.

In other words, packaging equipment has consistent output quality. Most packaging mix ups are human errors, on the other hand. If you have machinery, this can be avoided and your employees can just focus on checking quality instead of hustling in the production line. 

A great work balance between your employees and machinery allows you to have the best production possible. That’s how strategic packaging equipment leasing can improve your production.

Save Working Capital


Acquiring packaging equipment can save working capital as well. Since great packaging equipment can eliminate or lessen errors, it saves you from having wasted products. More than that, you can save money on payroll. Automated packaging equipment doesn’t require you to hire additional employees because it can run pretty much on its own. 

Other than that, you don’t have to mind the cost of acquiring packaging equipment for your business. You can use packaging equipment without paying a huge amount of money upfront in various ways.

Many manufacturing companies use package equipment leasing, in particular. This type of machinery leasing allows you to use packaging equipment without spending a lot of your working capital. That’s because you’re going to pay for the packaging equipment on a monthly basis. This allows you to generate revenue while paying for the use of the packaging equipment. Most machine financing companies will let you defer up to six months in the beginning of your machine financing contract. 

Improve Productivity


Manual product packaging operations have limitations. Your employees need to rest and take a break every now and then, for instance. Unfortunately, break time obviously stops your operations. This will lessen productivity. But if you choose to use automated packaging equipment, your operations will continue even during break time. 

Automated packaging equipment will operate until you decide to stop it. It will run even without supervision. You just need to train your employees to set up and occasionally maintain the packaging equipment. After setting up the equipment, it will begin packaging your products for distribution almost continuously.

Allows Expansion


Using packaging equipment leasing can also help you grow your business. As noted earlier, it improves production, which gives you a fast ROI as you get more output at a more consistent quality. 

The money you earn this way can be used for expansion. You could use it to run a bigger operation and grow your business.

Note that even during the expansion phase, packaging equipment leasing may be of help. After all, if you expand operations, you’ll likely need to upgrade your packaging equipment too.

Final Thoughts on Using Packaging Equipment


In this blog post, we talked about packaging equipment leasing and how it can help your cnc machining business.

Packaging equipment leasing can improve your operations. Particularly, it can improve production efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, it can help eliminate hazards in your operation and save working capital for your business.

But to make sure that you’ll get the advantages of packaging equipment leasing, consider making a partnership with a reliable machinery leasing company.

If you have more questions about packaging equipment leasing, leave a comment below or call Trust Capital at (866) 458-4777

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