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Types of Dozers You Can Finance for Construction Companies

Posted On: August 1, 2020 author Paul Kendall

So you’ve got a construction company or you’re looking at starting one? Knowing what kind of construction jobs you’re going to be taking on can help you to decide how to grow your business. However, regardless of what types of jobs you plan on taking on for your construction company, almost all of them require the use of a bulldozer, which can be acquired more easily than expected through dozer financing.

A dozer is a staple among construction companies, regardless of the types of jobs they work on or there areas they operate within.

Today we explore the various kinds of dozers available to construction companies that you can acquire through dozer financing.


What’s the Scope of Your Construction Jobs?

Before you consider purchasing bulldozers, you want to know what types of jobs your construction company intends to take on in the coming months or years. While you’re not necessarily tied to this decision, it will help you to narrow down the results of the various types of bulldozers available on the market.

If you feel the need to purchase additional dozers or different types of construction equipment, that’s always an option to your construction business. But for initial purchases, typically when cash is tighter, you want to make sure you’re buying equipment that’s highly versatile for the variety of jobs you’ll take on, or specialized for jobs you know you’ll always be doing.


Dozer Blades & Rippers

When it comes to bulldozers, there are two major components that need to be considered as you look for the perfect dozer and dozer financing options for your construction company’s projects.


Dozer Blade

The first is the dozer’s “blade,” which is the massive metal plate on the front of the dozer. This blade is used to move dirt, sand, soil, debris, and other objects around the field. The dozer’s blade can drastically reduce the manpower required to move a large quantity of dirt/sand/objects/etc.

The dozer’s blades are broken into a few different types of blades:

● Straight Blade (S Blade) - short with no lateral curve nor wings (commonly used for fine grading).

● Universal Blade (U Blade) - tall and quite curved with large side wings to carry more materials than other blade types.

● S-U Blade (Semi-U Blade) - a combination between the S Blade and the U Blade. Commonly used for pushing larger rocks/objects.


Dozer Ripper

The dozer’s ripper is comparable to a “claw,” which attaches to the back of the dozer, and is sometimes referred as a shank.

The ripper/shank can be attached individually or as a group, depending on the needs of the projects. The primary goal of the ripper is to break apart the ground in order to make it easier to handle and move/transport. This allows the ground to be more easily graded by the dozer’s blade.

Rippers on dozers are popular in the agriculture field, too, for its ability to break apart unploughable land, converting it into land that can be planted on. 


Common Modifications for Dozers

As dozer technology improves, more modifications become available to construction companies, particularly those who utilize dozer financing. Below are just a few modifications that can be selected to customize your dozer to meet specific needs of your company and the projects you select within your market.

● Loaders - Replacing the blade, a loader is like a large bucket that allows the operator to scoop up earth, debris, or other materials/objects, and transport it into a different location (such as into a loading truck).

● Angledozer Modification - You can have the dozer’s blade angled to one side to make it easier to push debris and materials off to one side, similar to what you see on snow trucks during the winter.

● Size Modifications - For jobs that are limited in available space to operate within (e.g., within the city or in mining operations), you can choose dozers that are physically smaller in size.

● Lightweight Dozers - In areas where snow is common, a lighter dozer can be used to better remove or move snow within the area. This is a common modification in winter sports.

● Mobility Modifications - Some construction jobs will require you to work on different terrain. You can have the dozer’s tracks adjusted to include tires instead of tracks, but at the expense of lower lifting capacities.

While these are just a handful of modifications that can be made to dozers, you can consult with a manufacturer or distributor to ask about major modifications that can be made to meet the specific needs of your construction business. Dozer “types” consist of crawler dozers, mini dozers, wheel dozers, and more.


Dozer Manufacturers

Like any industry, there are virtually countless types of bulldozer manufacturers and dozer dealers for bulldozers when you need dozer financing. A few names that might sound familiar and are worth considering for your dozer financing are Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Liebherr, Nanjing, Dressta, and more.

Each company, like any type of industry, will have pros and cons, so it’s worth taking the time to research each available dozer manufacturer and determining which will best suit your needs. Dozer financing may be available at select manufacturers, or you can choose to get dozer financing from an outside heavy equipment financing company.

As you can see, dozers aren’t strictly classified into “types,” but rather modified to meet the needs of the construction company and the job you’re handling. So it comes down primarily to what types of jobs you plan on doing consistently or what kind of jobs you want to specialize in for various projects in your market.


Getting Dozer Financing for Your Construction Company

If your construction company is doing really well, you might not need dozer financing to purchase the most ideal bulldozer for your business. Chances are, however, you’re like the majority of construction companies out there and you don’t just have tons of cash laying around.

Dozer financing gives you the option to own or lease a dozer, even if you don’t have the entire amount of cash that’s needed to purchase it upfront. Dozer financing essentially lets you use a dozer while distributing the cost out over a series of months (typically 12-72 months), depending on your agreement with a construction equipment financing company or manufacturer.

Contact Trust Capital today to learn more about dozer financing. Once you know what type of dozer your business needs, dozer financing is relatively easy to acquire. Don’t let lack of funding stop you from starting or growing your construction company. Let us help you with dozer financing today.

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