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What’s the Best Way to Get a Used Skid Steer Financing?

Posted On: January 24, 2023 author Paul Kendall

Skid steers are super useful in a variety of different applications. From moving heavy materials to transporting dirt to plowing snow, a used skid steer is a great asset to many different company types. But you might wonder what the best way is to acquire a skid steer for your own use in your company? I’ll help you explore the various options available to most businesses that need a skid steer to enhance the efficiency of their business.

Used Skid Steer Options

When it comes to used skid steers, there are a couple of options you can pursue. Each one has their own pros and cons, which is why it’s important for you to understand how each one works and which will work best for your business type and goals.

Rent a Used Skid Steer

Renting a used skid steer can be a great way to gain access to a skid steer without having to spend a tremendous amount of money or make a large commitment to owning or leasing one. You’ll use the skid steer for exactly as long as you need it and then can return it. This allows you to allocate your funds into the skid steer only when you need it.

Leasing a Used Skid Steer

For companies that intend to own a skid steer, know they will use it a lot and for a long time, or want to have the flexibility of switching models at the end of their leasing term, skid steer leasing is a great option. To lease used skid steer means you’ll be able to use the skid steer as if you own it, but make regular monthly payments to help redistribute the cost.

Used Skid Steer Loans

If you have great credit and have been in business for a while, going to a bank or similar financial institution is a great way to acquire the funds for a used skid steer. Whether you’re buying a whole skid steer or just used skid steer equipment, you’ll get far better financing rates by going through a bank in most cases

Buying a Used Skid Steer with Cash

One of the “cheapest” options for getting a used skid steer is to simply pay cold hard cash for it. It’s the cheapest option because you don’t pay interest or any other fees for financing a skid steer, but you do end up putting up a lot of cash up front. Buying upfront means you’ll have less cash to utilize for other purchases or if a sudden business emergency arises.

Spending cash upfront is generally a better option for business owners that have a lower credit score than those who have near perfect credit scores.

At the end of the day, you need to review the goals of your business to help you determine whether or not buying, renting, loaning or leasing a used skid steer is best for your business plan. Each one has its benefits, but also their drawbacks. You can always consult with different financiers to get financial input on which option is best for your unique financial situation.

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