How to integrate vendor Equipment Financing Marketing On My Website?

Posted On: March 8, 2018 author Paul Kendall

Core Navigation

Financing should be a permanent option in the core navigation of your website. This helps repeat customers easily find information/links to manage their account while helping new customers easily find the information to apply for an equipment lease

Marketing Placement

Just as you may promote financing in your store with well-placed signage and a trained sales staff, your online presence should showcase promotional offers throughout the browsing experience. Early awareness of financing options leads to higher approval rates and larger average tickets. In addition, product level promotional messaging can help minimize sticker shock and encourage add-on purchases.

Customer Benefits

It is important to provide the customer benefits of financing. By including a landing page within the site for customer benefits associated with equipment leasing you add value to your products.

Digital Assets

Compliant digital banners to help you effectively market financing is vital to your success. It's possible to have a fully automated equipment leasing process on your website.

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