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What Does It Take to Finance Dental Equipment?

Posted On: February 9, 2023 author Paul Kendall


It's expensive to open up your first dental practice. First you'll need to pay for your office lease, hiring employees, furniture, equipment, tools, etc. So, You’re looking into what it takes to finance dental equipment for a start up dental practice.

Are you looking into what it takes to finance dental equipment for a start up a dental office?

Or maybe…

You’ve been in the business for a while and are ready to start upgrading your dental equipment to keep up with modern technology.

Either way:

You’ve probably already seen how much dental equipment costs can be, especially when choosing some of the most modern technology options available today.


How do you go about affording all of your equipment?

Dental equipment financing is usually the best option for a dental business like yours that is seeking to either get started or take their business to the next level.

Consider using a dental equipment finance calculator to figure out what you can afford to buy. 

Before You Get Started with your Dental Equipment Finance


Before you start signing dental equipment leasing agreements, make sure you know exactly what you need out of your equipment financing.

Are you looking to upgrade to the newest tech or can you manage with used and only slightly-dated dental equipment?

Are you prepared to make higher monthly payments for your dental equipment if you don’t meet all of the financier’s requirements?

When meeting with financing companies, make sure you know exactly what is being proposed and what the terms are before you agree to any dental financing of any kind.

It’s unfortunately not uncommon for financiers to promise affordable rates without telling you that you need.
These requirements are:

a) perfect and spotless credit
b) have been in business for so many years

At that point, you’re probably better off talking directly to the manufacturer when trying to buy equipment. They can sometimes provide you with low-cost or no-cost financing.

So now that you know how to prepare for dental equipment finance…

Let’s get down to the technicalities:

What Are the Dental Equipment Financing Rates?

If you can’t meet the requirements to qualify for low/no-cost financing with dental equipment manufacturers, you might be wondering what other alternatives there are.

Thankfully, with dental equipment financing and equipment leasing, you can get access to the dental equipment that your practice needs in order to open or continue daily operations.

How much you have to pay on dental equipment financing rates will depend on your:

• credit score
• how long you have been in business
• how much the equipment costs that you want to purchase or lease
• how long you want to lease the equipment

Be careful when being quoted a rate because a huge percent of financial professionals will provide you with a phony rate.

So… Let’s clear this up with an example to finance dental equipment:

Your financial agreement calls for $25K in equipment financing paid over a 5-year period.

If you have a fairly decent credit score, you can expect to be paying around $550/mo in payments.

Now as your credit score gets lower or the number of years you’ve been in business is less than 2-5 (depending on the financing company), your monthly payment will go up.

In some cases, some dental equipment finance companies may require you to make higher payments or pay a leasing period of 3 years instead of 5.

At this point, your monthly payments would be around $1,100 a month or more.

Consider using a dental equipment finance calculator to calculate how much your dental equipment financing payments could be and how much dental equipment you can afford to buy based on your monthly budget.

What If I'm A Dentist With Bad Credit? Am I Still Eligible for Dental Equipment Loans?

dental-equipment-financing-What-If-I'm-A-Dentist-With-Bad-Credit_Can-I still-get-a-Dental-Equipment-loan.png

Dental practices generally get the better end of the stick compared to other industries when it comes to dental practice equipment financing.

You can still get great (and affordable) equipment financing rates if you are able to show that you have the ability to make your payments and have good company assets and revenue.

Every financial situation is unique, so make sure to consult with a finance expert and learn about the specifics and numbers associated with your business and its credentials.

Having the most reliable and upgraded dental equipment for your dental practice, acquired with affordable and flexible monthly payments, can have a lot of benefits for your dental practice.

A significant benefit of upgraded dental equipment is:

Section 179 tax benefits

With dental equipment financing, you get section 179 tax benefits. With the passage and signing into law of H.R.1, aka, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the deduction limit for Section 179 increases to $1,000,000 for 2022 and beyond.

The limit on dental equipment purchases likewise has increased to $2.5 million.

Ready to Apply online for a Dental Equipment Loan?

Feel free to call Trust Capital to discuss what it takes to finance dental equipment and speak with a dental equipment finance specialist that can take your application over the phone at 866-458-4777.

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