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5 upcoming trends in the marijuana industry to keep an eye on 2023

Posted On : Feb 09 2023 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : marijuana equipment financing

Marijuana equipment financing is trending, and the marijuana industry is booming. With more and more states legalizing cannabis for recreational or medicinal use, the marijuana industry is poised for even more growth in the coming years.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at five upcoming trends in the marijuana industry that you should keep an eye on in 2023. From product innovation to marketing tactics,

 These trends are sure to have a major impact on the future of the marijuana industry.

Guide On How to Start a Cannabis (Marijuana) Testing Lab

Posted On : Jul 29 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : marijuana equipment financing, Marijuana Testing Equipment Financing

Having a marijuana testing laboratory can be profitable nowadays. The marijuana industry is booming, and more and more states are introducing cannabis testing regulations. However, there are challenges to setting up a cannabis testing business and cannabis equipment leasing. In particular, it may be hard to acquire the necessary equipment for it.

Marijuana testing equipment is very expensive. Unless you have a lot of startup capital or investors, you may not be able to get the required equipment. Fortunately, there’s the option of marijuana testing equipment financing.

Note that not all lenders are willing to grant funds to businesses like marijuana testing labs. Only a few actually offer marijuana testing equipment financing. We’ll talk about the ones that do in this blog post. This can help you find the resources you need to get your testing equipment. We’ll also talk about how to start your lab with marijuana testing equipment financing. That way, you’ll be able to get your years in business up and running in no time.

Marijuana Equipment Financing For Your Marijuana Grow Operation

Posted On : Mar 14 2017 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : marijuana equipment financing

Are you planning to start a business in this booming marijuana industry?

There are a lot of obvious reasons why starting a marijuana-related business is one of the hottest and talked-about topics in the internet and various television shows.

First of all, the industry is on fire! Though not literally... any marijuana-related business is on fire because smoking hemp is a growing LEGAL trend nowadays. If marijuana dispensaries are making loads of money per month, just imagine the companies that are supplying them the marijuana itself!

A marijuana grow operation is perhaps one of the simplest but biggest businesses that can give you a lot of fortune. However, setting it up requires a lot of man-hours. You have to take care of your crops using the best and state-of-the-art equipment in order to produce the best marijuana.

But where can you get a lot of money to buy the necessary tools and equipment? In this article, I will give you everything you need to know about how to successfully set up a marijuana grow operation with the help of marijuana equipment financing.

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