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Establish Technology Refresh Cycle with VAR Technology Finance

Posted On : Dec 09 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : VAR Technology Finance

Is it time yet for your business to go through a technology refresh cycle?

Businesses that operate with IT equipment need to have a refresh cycle. In general, that means most businesses today! The tech refresh cycle prevents problems caused by old or failing IT equipment. Doing it regularly allows you to offer the best services possible for your customers. However, the technology refresh cycle can be quite expensive. Not all businesses can afford to fund it with their own capital.

Fortunately, there are other ways to finance a tech refresh cycle now. VAR technology finance is one of the best solutions. In this blog post, we'll talk about the technology refresh cycle and how it can benefit your business. In doing so, we’ll give you insight into how VAR technology finance can help.

Get Funds from the Best Bank for Equipment Financing

Posted On : Dec 04 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Best Bank For Equipment Financing

Planning to get equipment financing?

Equipment financing can help your business in a lot of ways. It can improve your operations because it increases your buying power and gives you a way to get better equipment.

Equipment financing can also prevent potential financial problems. If you get a good deal with your lender, repaying this type of financing is usually fairly easy on your budget. However, you do need to find the best bank for equipment financing for best results. This is vital so you can make the most of your equipment financing.

Now you’re probably wondering what the best bank for equipment financing is. Don’t worry, because we’ll answer that question in this blog post. 

Today, I’ll talk about getting funds from the best bank for equipment financing. This should serve as your trusty guide to equipment financing for your business.

The Best Way to Use Commercial Trailer Leasing

Posted On : Dec 02 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Commercial Trailer Leasing

Commercial trailer leasing can benefit your business in many ways. However, how it benefits your business depends on how you’re going to use it.

And if you want to get the best from your commercial trailer leasing, you need to use it properly.

Many trucking firms waste their commercial trailer leasing. For instance, a lot of them use it to lease mediocre trailers that don’t give them proper returns on their investment.

If you’re also thinking of using average trailers, you need to reconsider your plan. That’s not likely to help your business progress.

You need to make the most of commercial trailer leasing by using it to get your hands on trailers that can improve your operations. That can lead to growth for your business.

Today, we’ll talk about the best way to use commercial trailer leasing. In the process, you’ll also learn where to look for the best trailers to lease for your fleet.

Requirements to Get a Quick Equipment Loan Approval

Posted On : Nov 20 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Small Business Loan Instant Approval

Do you want to get a small business loan instant approval? 

If so, you should know that a small business loan instant approval doesn’t depend only on your FICO score. There are many factors to consider. Particularly, your small business loan instant approval may depend on your company and its current state. Everything about your business helps a lender decide if you’re worthy of an equipment loan or not. That’s why there are many chances that you can’t get a fast equipment approval if you don't have comp debt and many parts of your business aren’t organized.

So to help you avoid denied loan applications, here are the common requirements for an equipment loan. This blog post will help you get small business loan instant approval.

What to expect before buying a forklift for your business

Posted On : Nov 18 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : forklift leasing

Do you know that there’s a simple way to get the best forklift for your business?

Acquiring a forklift can be a big decision. It will cost money but it can also improve your operation, which is why it deserves careful consideration. If you make a wrong decision by acquiring the wrong forklift, you could face lots of problems. For instance, you could run into issues involving your capital and your operations. To avoid that from happening, you need to get the right forklift for your business, as well as get it in a way that won’t deplete your working capital.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to do that and what to expect before buying a forklift for your business. I’ll also explain a business loan instant approval and how it can help you acquire the best forklift.

Acquire Heavy Construction Equipment with Fast Equipment Financing

Posted On : Nov 04 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Fast Construction Equipment Financing

Looking for fast ways to finance your heavy construction equipment?

Most heavy construction equipment is expensive. It requires a lot of capital. For startup construction companies, acquiring heavy construction equipment quickly is thus a huge challenge. They don’t have the resources bigger companies do to pull off quick equipment acquisitions.

What’s more, they can’t get help swiftly from banks either. Banks rarely give loans to a startup construction company because doing so is considered a big financial risk for the equipment lender. Fortunately, there are other options available to startup companies. In particular, acquiring heavy construction equipment is now easy with the help of fast equipment financing.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about heavy construction equipment and how you can acquire it through fast equipment financing from certain equipment lenders. This may be just what you need to grow your new construction business.


Packaging Equipment Leasing for Manufacturing Businesses

Posted On : Oct 28 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : packaging equipment leasing

Manufacturing businesses in need of better packaging machinery should consider packaging equipment leasing. This can help them improve their operations without spending a lot of money. For one thing, this type of leasing allows you to use the packaging equipment you need without spending huge money upfront. 

It also means you can get the machinery right away, instead of having to wait until you’ve saved up enough capital to get that equipment. Those are just a few of the advantages that packaging equipment leasing can give your manufacturing business.

If you use packaging equipment leasing strategically, you can get even more benefits from it. We’ll talk about those benefits here. Today, you’ll learn about the many advantages of getting packaging equipment leasing for manufacturing businesses.

Must Know Equipment Finance Options for Restaurant Owners

Posted On : Oct 14 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Equipment Finance Options

Planning to open a restaurant?

There are a lot of things to do before you can open your restaurant. Just like other businesses, you need to have a plan, a good location… and enough capital. 

After all, setting up a restaurant isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. Most people can’t shell out the capital required for it on their own. Fortunately for those who need help in that area, restaurant owners have a number of finance options, especially for their equipment. Some of these are better than others, however -- and that’s the topic of our article today.

You see, using the right equipment finance options is important. It’s a major factor that can decide the success of your restaurant, even if your restaurant is one that has already been running for a while. Restaurants need to change equipment often to make sure that food preparation is done properly, for one thing. They also regularly find themselves in need of equipment to stay competitive.

Unfortunately, outfitting your restaurant with new kitchen equipment and furniture is costly. Often, trying to acquire that new equipment with your working capital alone can cause financial problems down the road. That's why you need to know and use the right equipment finance options.

I Need Equipment Finance to Upgrade IT Equipment

Posted On : Oct 09 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : I Need Equipment Finance

“Do I need equipment finance to update my IT equipment?”

If you’re asking yourself that question, then you’re probably in a position where new IT equipment is already necessary. Equipment finance is vital when planning to acquire IT equipment. I need equipment finance too when I upgrade IT equipment in my company. You see, IT equipment isn’t cheap. 

Unfortunately, it also depreciates quickly. That means it needs to be replaced often yet is also hard to dispose of, making its replacement even more expensive. You might run out of working capital if you use it to acquire IT equipment. That’s why you may end up saying, “I need equipment finance.” 

Equipment finance can help you avoid having working capital and cash flow problems when you change your IT equipment. Today, we’ll go over how this type of financing can help you mitigate IT equipment expenses.

Start Your Cannabis Testing Lab with Cannabis Testing Equipment Leasing

Posted On : Oct 07 2019 | Posted by : Paul Kendall

Tags : Cannabis Testing Equipment Leasing

Planning to start a cannabis testing lab?

It’s not a bad idea if you are, since having a business in the cannabis industry can be profitable. It’s one of the industries currently booming. However, you should be careful when starting a business here. Aside from the strict laws relating to the industry and its products, you also need to think about how you spend your working capital.

The amount of working capital needed to start a cannabis business is relatively high, whether you plan to set up a plantation, dispensary, or a testing lab. The last one in particular is especially costly. You need a lot of capital for it because the equipment you need is mostly expensive. Fortunately, you can start a cannabis testing lab even if you don’t have a large amount of capital. That is because you can use cannabis testing equipment leasing.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to start a testing lab with cannabis testing equipment leasing.

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